Receive even more exclusive discounts on brands that make the world better.


Modavanti has joined forces with DoneGood to provide the best in ethical and sustainable fashion and beauty.

DoneGood makes it easy to discover brands that make the world better. From eco-friendly, vegan apparel to upcycled fashion accessories that empower local artisans, we’re here to help you easily find the ethically-sourced, sustainably-made products you want.

Our free DoneGood browser extension automatically recommends sustainable, ethical alternatives instantly as you shop online. We’ve also launched an online store and mobile app, which feature exclusive discounts—often 20-50% off—on hundreds of DoneGood-approved brands.

Now that Modavanti is a part of the DoneGood family, together we can make it even simpler for anyone to become a more conscious, informed, and empowered consumer—while saving money at the same time!


Our dollars are the world’s most powerful force for change.

American consumers spend $130 trillion each year on goods and services. If even a fraction of these purchases could also reduce poverty, protect the environment, and create a more just world the impact would be unbelievable.

DoneGood helps consumers unleash that power with every purchase.

300+ brands

Doing good for people and the planet

75,000 members

Buying from ethical, sustainable companies

$370K diverted

To DoneGood-approved brands

'Ethical shopping' made simple.

Our goal is to help you discover more unique, higher-quality products and save money through our exclusive DoneGood discounts—all while feeling good about how your dollars are being spent.

Shop your values by discovering hundreds of DoneGood-approved brands based on their mission and impact. By supporting a DoneGood company with your everyday purchases, you’re helping them to succeed in their mission. The more they succeed, the more other companies will follow suit. Eventually, even the ‘big guys’ will have to change.

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