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Woobensky Inner Tube cuff, Inner Tube

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
Brand deux mains
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Brand’s Story

Sustainable, ethical fashion that employs Haitian artisans with dignified work to make beautiful bags, sandals and accessories. deux mains repurposes tires and local leather into purposeful goods, crafting authentic products that you can be proud to wear!

More Information

The Woobensky Innertube Men’s Cuff is made from 100% repurposed inner tube, and is the perfect men’s fashion accessory.  Named for one of our finest craftsmen, Woobensky, this cuff is a the ideal balance of masculine and trendy. As you clasp this cuff with its solid black metal stud, remember that the inner tube it’s crafted from what was once inside of a tire, rolling through the streets of Haiti.

  • innertube 
  • 6mm screw in rivet black
  • total length: 30 cm 


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