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Bamboo Mixing Spoon Set

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Organic/GMO Free
Brand bambu
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SKU 2592_056660
Brand’s Story

Beautifully designed dining and kitchenware made of renewable and reclaimed materials. Born out of respect for the natural environment, Portland-based bambu prides themselves on their commitment to high quality and simply modern design.

More Information

This well-crafted go-to spoon set, a perfect combination of three handy tools, will never let you down in the kitchen. 

The Tasting Spoon: With a longer handle and a smaller head, this spoon is ideal for tasting while cooking. At 12 inches, it’s the perfect length for dipping into any pot and pulling out a quick sample — the better to adjust seasonings or consistency, my dear! With this spoon at the ready, you’ll no longer have to worry about burning your hand or washing multiple spoons. Let the tasting begin!

The Long Mixing Spoon: This do-it-all spoon is up to any task. At 14 inches long, it is our most popular cooking utensil for its versatility and cheerful goodwill toward a diverse range of foods, from sauces to batters to pastas to dough. It’s up to any challenge you can throw at it, but if you don’t believe us, give it a try. This long mixing spoon is just dying to show you what it can do.

The Regular Mixing Spoon: This is the shorter-handled but just as useful cousin to the long mixing spoon. At only 12 inches, you get a bit more leverage when using this bad boy, perfect for mixing up tougher goods such as cookie dough or raw meat for meatloaf. With this 12-inch spoon in your arsenal, you won’t be afraid to get in there and create the amazing meals, desserts and recipes you’ve always wanted.

Each spoon is handcrafted from a single piece of certified organic bamboo, smoothed all over and finished with all-natural food-grade oil for a long-lasting and beautiful sheen. These spoons will neither impart nor absorb flavors and won’t scratch surfaces. Plus, they look darned good in that jar on the counter.


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