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Happy Breakfast Blend, Organic. New and Improved!

 Empowers Workers
 Gives Back
 Organic/GMO Free
Brand Happy Earth Tea
SKU 3317_HAP-BLA-1
Brand’s Story

Brewers of happiness, one cup of organic tea at a time. Family-run Happy Earth Tea visits all the tea gardens they source from, ensuring fair wages and conditions. Check out their great selection of loose leaf teas – from green to chai to matcha, they share great tea tips!

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Our Happy Breakfast Blend is made of finest Assam summer tea. This golden-tipped blend yields a bold and bright cup with refined and rounded fruity accents. Whether you’re a morning maniac or aren’t really in your element til noon, our cheerful take on the classic English Breakfast blend is sure to brighten your day. 

INGREDIENTS: Organic Assam tea


   1 tbsp for 8-12 oz cup

   212 F 

   3-5 mins

Milk and sugar optional



Interestingly, there is only a bit of English in the history of English Breakfast Blend. It appears the blend was created by one enterprising tea merchant Richard Davies of New York City around 1843. Davies might have named it "English Breakfast" in the memory of the country he had migrated from. The blend was supposed to mimic the robust tea that was had in the UK that did a good job of washing down a rather heavy and greasy breakfast of the time. Davies used Keemun as a base, and added some Ceylon and Pouchong (lightly oxidized oolong) to create a blend that was hearty, consistent and affordable. While tea ran at the time at around $1 a pound, this new blend was priced at 50 cents a pound. He was soon swamped by an endless demand, with the popularity of this blend finally expanding across the Atlantic to actually take over England itself! 


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