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Blueberry Sunflower Saison Antioxidant Bar (12)

 Empowers Workers
 Gives Back
 Made in the U.S.A.
Brand ReGrained
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Brand’s Story

ReGrained fights food waste by turning nutritious byproducts into delicious, healthy snacks. They use compostable packaging, are a B Corp, give back to the planet and are leading the edible upcycling movement!

More Information

Antioxidant SuperGrain Bar with Cranberry, Blueberry, and Ginger

  • Cranberry and Blueberry provide some of the highest natural sources of antioxidants
  • Ginger complements the sweetness of these berries and also contains antioxidants


This Saison Bar is a culinary journey. Starting with bright berry flavor, it progresses through deep sunflower notes mid-chew and is rounded out by fiery ginger to cleanse your palate and prepare you for the next bite.


Product Highlights

  • 5g Fiber
  • Only 8g Sugar
  • Non-GMO
  • Made With Organic Ingredients


Upcycled Prebiotic SuperGrain+ supports gut health and has an environmental regenerative impact.


Ingredients: ReGrained Blend (Crisp Brown Rice*, ReGrained Flour (Barley, Wheat, Rye), Crisp Quinoa*), Tapioca Syrup*, Sunflower Seeds*, Brown Rice Syrup*, Date Paste*, Sunflower Oil*, Dried Blueberries (Blueberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil), Almonds, Inulin (Agave Fiber)*, Dried Cranberries (Cranberries, Sugar, Sunflower Oil), Fava Bean Protein, Ginger, Sea Salt, Natural Flavors, Rosemary Extract


Contains: Almonds, Wheat


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