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Kyrgies Kids Tengries - Oatmeal

 Empowers Workers
 Gives Back
Brand Kyrgies
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Brand’s Story

Comfy, cozy handcrafted wool felted slippers and shoes made by women in Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgies sources ethical, nontoxic wool, pays livable wages, gives back to the planet and makes some pretty sweet slippers!

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The Coolest Kyrgies Yet

Handmade felt, fair trade practices, crazy cool house and office shoes for all seasons

Kyrgies Moccasins are a sewn slipper, with a slightly different feel than the rolled felt that makes up our other models. The felt in our Moccasins is softer and more pliable, so it will fit to your feet like a warm hug. This felt is cut out of a large felt sheet, then those cut pieces are sewn together by hand. The midsole is the same orthopedic midsole as in our molded All Naturals, which means these give you the support and comfort your feet need. Kyrgies Moccasins are held together by an elastic that helps them form to your feet. so they're a snug fit. These feature high-backs, and a pull on tab. Once you're in them, youåÊwill notåÊwant to take them off.

The sole is leather, and will wear in as you wear them, not wear out.


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