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Bundle of 2 Bamboo Hand Towels

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
 Organic/GMO Free
Brand Shoo-Foo
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Brand’s Story

Bamboo towels and bed linens made ethically and mindfully. Shoo-Foo believes healthy forests contribute to our health and they plant trees with every purchase.

More Information

Handy Bamboo Hand Towels

You like to keep your bathrooms stocked with fresh bamboo hand towels? This bundle of bamboo hand towels in a neutral latte brown colour is a great option for bathrooms that get a lot of daily traffic. Thanks to its antibacterial properties, bamboo towels stay fresh longer than most towels on the market, making them an excellent alternative for multi-day use hand towels.

Material Composition:

100% viscose from Organic Bamboo at a density of 600 gsm,

Each bundle of bamboo hand towels includes:

– 2 bamboo hand towels: 33 x 76 cm (13 x 30 in)


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