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Handprinted Collapsible Box in Rose Gold Hibiscus


There's no shame in regifting with this box! The gorgeous collapsible box is handprinted in our signature Hibiscus Flower design in a rose gold hue. Perfect for packaging your Symbology gift this Holiday, or keep for yourself as an elegant storage box.

No need to fret with wrapping paper or tape! Plus it's eco friendly, made with recycled fabric waste from fast win win! Tiny embedded magnets keep it upright for gifting, while it folds flat for easy travel. 

Get it for free with minimum purchase of $200. Just enter code GIFTBOX at checkout to redeem.


All of Symbology's pieces are made by hand by women artisans who use traditional art techniques. The handmade process allows us to work hand in hand with local artisans and small factories, creating jobs and sustainable incomes around the world. We are committed to sustainable manufacturing practices, paying livable wages to our artisans and using eco-friendly dyes. 

Box Details

  • Screen printed by hand
  • Measures 8 X 8 X 4 inches
  • Hand printed in India


Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
Brand Symbology
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Discount amount 15% OFF YOUR FIRST ORDER
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Brand’s Story

Clothing hand-crafted by women artists from India and the West Bank who bring beautiful cultural art forms and traditions to each garment.


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