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iPhone Plus Case · Wolf Vibes

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
Brand Someone Somewhere
SKU 3873_APPU-PV18-1910
Brand’s Story

Handmade casualwear with a story behind every thread. Someone Somewhere is a B Corp that connects adventurers with Mexican artisans living in poverty, celebrating traditional artisanal techniques and culture.

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Alebrije iPhone cases



phone cases by artisans

Pintado en tallado de madera

Oaxaca, Oaxaca

This wood carving technique was born in San Martín Tilcajete near Oaxaca. Artisans cut the copal (tree resin), carve it into animal shapes or fantastic figures and paint it them different colors with icons representing stories, experiences and beliefs. You might recognize alebrijes from the movie Coco!

This iPhone case collection was inspired by two alebrijes; the winged wolf and the flipped fox. Both have very striking colorways and hand-painted details that hold meaning in new beginnings, respect and the adoration of beauty. Use as a phone case and bring a piece of tradition and maybe a bit of *magic* with you wherever you go.


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