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Trucker Hat · Flamingo

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
Brand Someone Somewhere
SKU 3873_CT-OI17-1103
Brand’s Story

Handmade casualwear with a story behind every thread. Someone Somewhere is a B Corp that connects adventurers with Mexican artisans living in poverty, celebrating traditional artisanal techniques and culture.

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The Distinct Trucker Hat

This trucker hat front panel has handmade details embroidered by artisans, complemented by a breathable mesh backing. Label includes the signature of the artisan and the community they live in.

Somewhere: Chiapas, Mexico

The artisanal technique of Chiapas, México is the waist loom. This technique consists of hanging one end of the loom in a fixed place with the other end placed on the artisans waist so threads can stretch vertically to interlace and form a textile. This technique allows the creation of very intricate pieces that use many colors.


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