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Belt with Black Horn Buckle 35

Belt with Black Horn Buckle 35" | Camino

 Empowers Workers
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
Brand Mayamam Weavers
Brand’s Story

Fair trade handwoven home goods and accessories inspired by the rich colors and traditional techniques of Mayan culture. Mayamam Weavers supports a women’s weaving cooperative in Guatemala with fair wage jobs, skills-based education and childcare.

More Information

Handsome black embroidered belts bring a bright accent to your basic blacks. The belts close with a slide style black horn buckle.

Hand loomed on the traditional backstrap loom, the embroidery is woven into the background incorporating motifs drawn on collective memory and daily life.

 Measuring from the center of the buckle to the end, these are all 35” long. To get the best fit, thread a tape measure through the belt loops of the pants you are wearing, then add approximately 5-7” to that number to get your belt size.

Each is one of a kind but you can ask us to weave a custom belt for you.

100% cotton belting.


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