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Spice Grinder - Garlic and Onion Hot Rocks

 Empowers Workers
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Brand GlobeIn
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SKU 909_SQ0067145
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Unique, handmade products made by artisans and farmers from around the globe—delivered to you each month. Their Artisan Box Club is curated on a monthly theme with fair trade, ethical goods. Gift an artisan box, or shop the global collection of goods.

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Use these spicy chili salts in place of regular table salt to add flavor and fire to your favorite dishes. Perfect with salads, vegetables, and meats. Comes in a recycled glass bottle with self-grinder.



Measurements: 3.2 oz (60 g)

IngredientsSalt, chilli, onion, garlic, ginger, mustard seed, basil, paprika oil, celery


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