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Brand: PuraVida
Brand: Ten Thousand Villages
Brand: Kind Karma
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  1.  - Andean Heights Necklace
    $20 OFF $100 PURCHASE
    promo code: DONEGOODTTV
  2. 1% for the Planet Pack
  3. Adoption Awareness
  4. Water Sapphire Solitaire Studs - limited edition!
  5. Turquoise Feather Lariat Necklace
  6. Tourmaline Teardrop Earrings
  7. Teardrop Gemstone Necklace
  8. Sugulite Teardrop Necklace
  9. Sapphire Ombre Necklace
  10. Ruby Solitaire Studs - limited edition!
  11. Round Micro Pave Crystal Necklace
  12. Rose Quartz Teardrop Earrings
  13. North Star Necklace
  14. Moss Aquamarine Teardrop Necklace
  15. Morse Code Beaded Bracelets
  16. Milestone Strand
  17. Micro Pave North Star Crystal Pendant Necklace
  18. Lucky Beaded Bracelet
  19. Lotus Necklace
  20. Long Gold Bar Y-Necklace
  21. Lemon Topaz Teardrop Necklace
  22. Khaleesi Necklace
  23. Karma Necklace
  24. Herkimer Quartz "Diamond" Necklace
Grid List

Items 1-24 of 132

Set Descending Direction