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Radically simplified, non-toxic personal care essentials delivered to your door every 60 days.

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Radically different, all natural toothpaste.

It’s grey, won’t foam and isn’t sweet. It’s also packed with nutrients and powerful ingredients that help remove toxins and remineralize teeth. Get healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath, naturally. Think medicine not marketing.

  • Super Charged with over 72 Trace and Macro Minerals, Fulvic Acid and liposomal CoQ10.
  • Natural Clay Based Formula absorbs toxins and fights bad bacteria that can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and bad breath.
  • Gently Whitens and Polishes Teeth while reducing plaque and tartar, leaving a fresh taste.
  • Powerful Natural Ingredients work to support strong teeth, tooth remineralization & healthy gums.
  • SLS free, fluoride free, glycerin free, no artificial chemicals, silicas, cheap fillers or sweeteners.
  • 100% Biodegradable & Safe to Swallow. 
  • Patent pending

2 month supply | 3.4 oz | TSA compliant | Made in USA 

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“Akamai has considered every component of an ideal toothpaste: the pH, abrasiveness, natural antimicrobials, and the right ratio of trace minerals and essential oils to maximize absorption and promote a healthy mouth. It is a fantastic product that I would recommend to any of my patients.” — Dr. Andrea Mustian, DMD Harvard School of Dental Medicine

Optimize your oral care routine with our NEW Fulvic Mineral Complex and Tongue Cleaner

What you put in your mouth can pass directly into your bloodstream. Choose your toothpaste wisely. 

Akamai Mineral Toothpaste was developed with holistic dentistry experts utilizing natural ingredients beneficial to both oral health and general wellbeing. Once you try it you won’t go back to the sweet, chalky traditional pastes laden with fillers (gums, glycerin), synthetic chemicals (fluoride, triclosan, sorbate, propylene glycol, SLS, artificial colors and “flavors”) artificial sugar (saccharin) or sugar alcohols (xylitol, sorbitol). Even “natural” brands often use synthetics, sweeteners and cheap fillers - check your labels

Bitter is Better
Our all-natural toothpaste aligns with the Ayurvedic approach which favors a more bitter/astringent taste, typically from clove oil, to maximize oral health. Sweet toothpaste thickens your saliva and increases calcium content, leading to tartar formation. "Ayurveda teaches us that it is the astringent (not sweet!) taste that strengthens the gums, and the bitter taste that kills viruses, bacteria, and fungi." -- Katie Silcox, Ayurvedic expert.

Take the 2-week challenge!

If you are used to conventional sweet, foaming, extra minty toothpaste it might take a few weeks for your palate to adjust to our radically different, radically healthy toothpaste. Remind yourself of how using our natural toothpaste aligns with your overall health goals. Like any new, good habit it may take a little time to adjust. This is the best natural toothpaste on the market, so stick with it.  A healthy mouth is worth it.


Unleash the power of nature with time-tested ingredients – and nothing else.

Distilled Water: Clean pure water to hydrate the clays.

Bentonite Clay & Kaolin Clay: 
Rich in vital minerals, including calcium, magnesium, silica and potassium, all beneficial to teeth and gums. Mildly abrasive to gently polish, clean and whiten teeth. Binds with toxins and harmful bacteria removing them from your mouth. Macrominerals support the tooth remineralization process.

Raw Coconut Oil: 
Nourishes the mouth while destroying harmful bacteria.

Fulvic Mineral Complex Concentrate
Fulvic acid makes the trace minerals, macro minerals, amino acids and naturally occurring vitamins bioavailable for better absorption; 72 trace minerals are vital to a host of cellular functions and aide in tooth remineralization.

Sea Salt: 
Salt stimulates saliva production to aid in cleansing and purifying the mouth and improves capillary circulation for healthy teeth and gums

Essential Oils of Peppermint, Cinnamon, Clove, Anise, and Tea Tree: 
These oils work together to reduce plaque, freshen breath, reduce inflammation and fight cavities, bad bacteria and viruses.

Liposomal CoQ10 Concentrate: 
A highly absorbable form of this key nutrient that penetrates easily into gums to strengthen and protect from gum disease.

Learn More about Our High Quality Natural Ingredients»


FULL LIST OF INGREDIENTS: Distilled Water, Bentonite Clay, Kaolin Clay, Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, Trace Mineral / Fulvic Acid / Amino Acid Concentrate, Mined Sea Salt, Essential Oils of Peppermint, Cinnamon, Clove, Anise and Tea Tree, Liposomal CoQ10
Powered by Nature.



Gum disease-causing bacteria could spur Alzheimer’s

Broad-spectrum in vitro antibacterial activities of clay minerals against antibiotic-susceptible and antibiotic-resistant bacterial pathogens.

Evaluation of the medicinal use of clay minerals as antibacterial agents


Surprisingly multipurpose. Fights bad bacteria and inflammation – and not just in your mouth.

Our all-natural toothpaste’s potent mix of active healers can be used in many ways. 

Tooth Brushing:
 Brush 2x daily with a pea-sized amount for approximately 2 minutes. (Our toothpaste is a concentrate so a pea size is all you need. A pea-sized amount 2x daily will give you a 60 day supply)

Breath Freshener: Take a small amount of toothpaste and swish it in your mouth.

Cold Sores: Apply directly to internal or external sores – keep on as long as possible to kill bacteria and heal.

Blemish Treatment: Apply to blemishes – leave overnight for best results.

Skin Poultice: Apply directly to the infected area – allow to sit as long as possible. Note – do not apply to an open wound.

Face Mask: Apply thin coating and leave on for approximately 5-10 minutes – like with all masks, avoid sensitive skin around eyes.

DIY Hair Pomade: Often expensive pomades are merely a combination of clays (frequently bentonite) along with some kind of oil, or waxes -- plus a slew of nasty chemicals. Experiment with making your own 100% natural hair styling tool using our clay-based toothpaste. Combine a dab along with a small amount of Skin Fuel (or other oil-based balm). Rub together in hands to mix and apply to hair. Keeps hair in place and reduces frizzy/flyaway look. (Thanks to customers for sharing this tip - it works great!) 


  • Brushing your teeth is a great time to slow down. If you normally rush, try brushing a bit slower and intentionally focusing on areas that might need special attention. Great for your oral health, easy on your bathroom since it also cuts down on toothpaste splatter.
  • The longer you leave our remineralizing toothpaste in your mouth, the more nutrients will be absorbed.
  • Recommended and safe for sensitive teeth.
  • Have bad breath? Cure it with our Tongue Cleaner 
  • Looking to optimize your oral care routine? Per the advice of Dr. Steven Koral (DMD Harvard) and the team at Boulder Holistic Dentistry: take Fulvic Trace Minerals (to feed your teeth and gums from the inside out). This has been game a changer for us and thousands more.

Already using a natural brand of toothpaste? Learn about the Not So Good Ingredients in "Natural" Toothpaste.



Tooth Remineralization Process 

The enamel coating that protects your teeth is 96% mineral – the highest mineral content in any human tissue. That makes it the strongest tissue in your body. The minerals in our toothpaste don’t attach to teeth to “remineralize”, they get absorbed by the mucosa and become available in the body. The saliva and tooth roots do the work of bringing minerals to the teeth, particularly calcium and phosphorous. Of course to keep enamel healthy, keep in mind the other very important basics, such as: avoiding highly abrasive toothpaste and polishes, eating a healthy diet rich in vitamins (especially A, D and K) and minerals, and seeing your dentist regularly. Our remineralizing toothpaste can help too.

“If you’re willing to adjust your sense of what toothpaste should taste and feel like, then this natural toothpaste will offer actual health benefits, i.e. remineralization, rather than the mostly cosmetic benefits of conventional toothpaste.” —  Treehugger


“The Mineral Toothpaste is unlike anything I’ve ever tried.  It’s grey, doesn’t foam and it’s salty, so it takes some time to get used to – a price I’m willing to pay for having healthy teeth, gums, and fresh breath, naturally.” — Mensgear


Dental Professionals

“Akamai has considered every component of an ideal toothpaste: the pH, abrasiveness, natural antimicrobials, and the ideal ratio of trace minerals and essential oils to maximize absorption and promote a healthy mouth. It is a fantastic product that I would recommend to any of my patients."
Dr. Andrea Mustian, DMD Harvard School of Dental Medicine


“As a registered dental hygienist, this is my favorite toothpaste. They have packed so many good ingredients into this paste; liposomal Co Q10, trace minerals, a healthy balance of essentials oils in a detoxifying clay base. It leaves my mouth feeling clean & fresh. It's Akamai, or nothing at all for me!”
— Shannon Gleichmann RDH, BS


Healthcare Professionals

“Thank you, Akamai for creating a toothpaste that is genuinely good for us. Love the product and the thoughtfulness that went into its formulation.”
— Will Vanderveer, MD


We believe this is the healthiest, best natural toothpaste on the market, period.

We searched high and low for a safe, toxin-free natural toothpaste for our family but weren’t satisfied with what we found. Even the “natural” toothpaste can contain cheap fillers and ingredients that aren’t beneficial to oral health. Out of frustration, we started making our own and dove deep into understanding what makes a healthy mouth and strong teeth. We enlisted the help of Dr. Steve Koral (a true pioneer and leader of holistic dentistry and graduate of Harvard Dental School, summa cum laude) and other holistic industry experts to help us refine our formulation and make our toothpaste truly powerful.

It took several years but it was worth it. Our toothpaste delivers on what we feel is truly important: completely natural, powerfully nourishing, healing, effective at fighting bad bacteria and cleaning teeth AND something safe for our children. Akamai Mineral Toothpaste was born. 


Do you live in California? Please read the statement below. While we love the idea of Prop 65, we are not fans of how the law was written - when it comes to natural substances, it promotes ignorance vs. knowledge. 

As required by the State of California, so that we can legally sell this product to residents of that state, we must put the following language on our site.

California Proposition 65 WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer, birth defects or other reproductive harm.

This is because one of our ingredients, Bentonite Clay, can have low levels of heavy metals in it. Sounds scary, right? However, the naturally occurring (organic) heavy metals in clay are molecularly bound to clay particles – meaning they are not bioavailable, and can’t be absorbed.

Clay is powerful stuff – it’s positively charged ions bind to heavy metals, so that they are contained and expelled rather than absorbed by our bodies. In fact, one of bentonite clay’s therapeutic uses is to consume orally to remove heavy metals from your body – a process called “chelating”.

Prop 65 is a law with good intentions but with major flaws. For example, Prop 65 limits for lead are so low, almost all plant foods (eg. green beans, spinach, avocados, etc.) contain amounts higher than allowed by this law, but they do NOT carry the warning. Furthermore, eating the USDA recommended 3 – 5 servings of vegetables could expose you to 10X the maximum allowed by Prop 65. (In fact, 1 serving of our toothpaste has less lead it in than 1 serving of many plant foods.) In addition, Prop 65 does a poor job of clearly exempting items like clay where heavy metals are in an organic, bound, non-bioavailable form -- and many are pushing for reforms to Prop 65. 

So, remember these 2 important points: 1) Heavy metals in bentonite clay are not bioavailable and cannot be absorbed, 2) bentonite clay helps remove heavy metals from your body.

We believe our toothpaste is 100% safe for ourselves, our family and you.

Learn more in our FAQs.


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