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Bath Kit

Rejuvenate with this assortment of curated bath goodies. Perfect for the classic bath-lover. Already have containers? Get refills here!
 Women/Person of Color Owned
 Gives Back
 Cruelty Free
Brand The Refill Shoppe
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Brand’s Story

Refillable personal care and cleaning supplies that are good for your body, your home, and your planet. Instead of ordering a new bottle, they make it easy to refill what you already have, reducing a ton of waste. Hot bubble baths, clean people, lovely smells, and a little less plastic in the world--Good stuff!

More Information

- Vegan

- Sulfate Free & Paraben Free

- Made in USA

- Cruelty-free

- Clear glass containers

- Refillable

- Custom-scented just for you!

8 oz Bubble Bath comes custom scented to personalize your bathtime experience. Our aloe based bubble bath is sulfate, paraben, and cruelty free, so you can soak in suds that leave your skin happy and healthy!

4 oz Pink Himalayan Bath Salts are completely unrefined, raw, and remain in their natural form to soothe you in yours. These pretty pink salts are packed with so many minerals they dont need to be scented.

8 oz Bath Salts can be custom scented for further relaxation during tub time. Enjoy your aromatherapy by adding a scoop or two to soften and nourish your skin.


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