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Cheap Clothes Cost A Lot

There was a time I used to think it was great if I scored a deal on a piece of clothing. I’d brag about how little I spent and wear that top like a badge of honor… but that was before fashion was fast. Now I know better.

I make it sound as if I’m impenetrable, but like all shoppers I’m still tempted by fast fashion. I feel the tug when cutting thru the clothing section of those big stores on my way to pick up my prescription. That bright colored denim, those pretty flowy skirts and what about those great workout leggings? All so attractive, all so beautifully merchandised, and all soooo cheap…

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Brand Spotlight: Hathorway
Hathorway is one of the newest brands to join the DoneGood family, so it’s only fitting that we give them a little love and a warm welcome with today’s brand spotlight. Plus, they’re awesome and they just deserve to be highlighted! What’s so cool about Hathorway, and what do they even do anyway? I’m so glad you asked!
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Brand Spotlight: Akamae

Akamae as a word means freedom. As a brand, it stands for the same thing.

Akamae’s focus is on providing refugee artisans with the market that they need to sell their goods and make a living for themselves once more.

Access to this global market is something that many of us take for granted in our entrepreneurial efforts in the West, but it can be completely life-changing for those who were previously denied access to it.

Going from offering luxury wares to people who have no way to afford them to offering them to a global marketplace with access to an abundance of wealth of course increases sales, allowing these refugee artists to become self-reliant.

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Brand Spotlight: Maggie's Organics

Maggie’s Organics is a great place to buy high-quality, ethically-made clothing all made from organic, sustainable, and natural fibers!

Their commitment to their values is what really sets them apart as a brand, but they are also great at making quality products. In the same way that they’d never sacrifice ethical manufacturing processes to make a great pair of socks, they’d never sacrifice the quality of their products by using methods that were ethical but not ideal.

That way, you can be sure that everything you get from Maggie’s will be both awesome and awesomely-made.

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Symbology: As a Feminist Fashion Label, We Must Offer Plus Sizes
Seven years ago, I started Symbology to empower women through fashion. Not just our artisan partners, but customers as well--pear-shaped, petite, big breasted, Amazonian and all lovelies in between. As a curvy woman who loves her carbs, I've always found the emaciated fashion model thing kinda bullshit. And the snobbery that continues to pervade certain boutiques. Fashion is about as democratic a platform as it gets to create positive change--why shouldn't we all as women be able to participate? Aren't we all worthy of empowering each other and feeling empowered?
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