Brand Spotlight: Norton Point

Transforming ocean plastic, alchemy-like, into eyewear


Norton Point is a pretty cool brand, if I do say so myself. 

But I’m not just saying so myself- DoneGood’s approval elves* are behind me on this one.

Not only do they make effortlessly cool sunglasses that make unnamed writers look way cooler than they actually are, but they also make a difference in the world.

Let’s take a closer look at how Norton Point manages to transform trash into treasure- and look good doing it.

The Beginnings

Norton Point started out like many conscious businesses do- with a crazy idea. 

In 2015, the company was formed with the goal of making awesome sunglasses out of recovered ocean plastic and plant-based materials.

Though I’m sure many mentors and well-meaning relatives along the way questioned the founders’ motives and business methods, the first collection of sunglasses launched successfully and quickly led to growth and expansion for the brand.

Products and Process

Obviously, there’s a lot that needs to happen between scooping plastic trash out of the water and willingly putting it on your face. 

Here’s the breakdown of what actually happens to that ocean plastic before it hits shelves:

  1. Recovered ocean plastic is sorted and cleaned. The type Norton Point uses for its products is HDPE, or high-density polyethylene.

  2. Ocean plastic is processed into pellets. 

  3. Pellets are melted and molded into sunglasses.

  4. Sunglasses are fitted with lenses, given a few final touches, and are ready for sale!

Norton Point has four different styles of sunglasses available right now- The Current II, The Swell II, and The Tide II, which all have black frames, and The Whitecap II which has white frames. For all models, you can choose from black or blue polarized lenses with anti-reflective coating.


Norton Point’s Impact

It’s no secret that this brand was started with a mission in mind. The same passion for and commitment to the ocean and the health of our planet that led the founders to start this business is what leads them to reinvest 5% of their profits each year. That money goes into research, development efforts, and education with the express goal of stemming and eventually stopping ocean plastic.

You could say that the people at Norton Point are in business to put themselves out of business.

Until that happens, they’ll continue to work toward the goal with sustainable and socially conscious business practices like these:

Norton Point’s One to One Pledge guarantees that for every one pair of sunglasses someone buys, one pound of plastic will be removed from our waterways. 

Their Sea Plastic Differently campaign focuses on educating the public on the dangers of plastic pollution in our oceans. Did you know that 8 million metric tons of plastic enters our oceans each year? Or that plastics can take more than 400 years to decompose? At the rate we’re going now, by 2050 there will be more plastic in the world’s oceans than fish.

Location, Location, Location

Norton Point is headquartered on the island of Martha’s Vineyard in Massachusetts, but most of its plastic collection currently takes place on the coastlines and canals of Haiti.

They are looking to expand collection into the Bahamas soon, but their ultimate goal is a lot bigger.

Since almost 60% of the entire world’s ocean plastic pollution originates in one of 5 Asian countries, the Norton Point team will soon be setting sail to start collection efforts in China, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines.

After that? The world.

Norton Point is only growing as more and more people hear about their mission and get a look at their sunglasses. I’m sure they’ll continue to pursue their mission until they either run out of ocean plastic or resources to do the job.

Wow, Norton Point Is Pretty Cool

Told ya so.

If you want to support Norton Point in their mission to rid the ocean of harmful plastic pollution, click over to their website here. Remember, for every pair of sunglasses you buy, a full pound of plastic is removed from the ocean!

Your support makes a difference to marine life, coastal communities, and people everywhere who just want to enjoy a nice day at the beach. 
Take your Norton Point sunglasses with you on your next beach vacation, and you’ll be able to enjoy the beach two ways at once!

*I can neither confirm nor deny the actual existence of “DoneGood approval elves,” but someone is working hard behind the scenes to vet these brands.


Kayla Robbins
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Kayla Robbins