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Ethical Gifts Under $100

As we hurtle toward the holiday season at full speed, you may be growing a little concerned about your holiday shopping budget. It’s a common phenomenon this time of year, but can be even more impactful for those of us who are trying to shop ethically.

It’s not that ethical options are always expensive, but the brands that are running their businesses at a higher standard and the brands that put on larger-than-life Black Friday sales don’t share a ton of overlap.

But don’t throw in the organic cotton towel just yet, because we’ve got something better than Black Friday planned- Shop For Good Sunday! It’s happening on December 1st this year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and it’s the ethical alternative to all the Black Friday madness.

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The Weird History of Black Friday

Have you ever wondered how the “Black Friday” we know today actually got started?

I mean, surely people didn’t just suddenly start jostling for space outside the local meat market as soon as we switched over to the Gregorian calendar, right?

There had to be some sort of transition between “business as usual” and “let’s all go down to the local mall and trample each other in hopes of getting a half-price cashmere sweater.”

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So, You're Shopping for an Eco-Conscious Consumer

Welcome, loved ones of an eco-conscious consumer!

If you’re pretty new to this whole intentional shopping thing and want to make sure you get it right this year, you’ve come to the right place, and we’re happy to have you!

It’s actually a great time to be shopping for the environmental advocate in your life, because these days, there are more and more products being designed with sustainability in mind.

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