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Move Over Amazon Prime! 7 Ethical Brands that Offer Free Shipping & Other Perks

As Amazon Prime has continued to rise in popularity, our reliance on it for holiday gifts has almost become a given. 

And no one can blame you for wanting to avoid the crowds, shop in the comfort of your own home, get free shipping (well, “free” shipping for $120/year), and have it delivered to your door in two days.

But if Amazon’s questionable product supply chains and environmental impact is starting to trouble you, you can still get your holiday shopping done quickly, conveniently, inexpensively, and ethically! Here are 7 ethical brands that offer special holiday shipping perks. So long, Amazon Prime!

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7 Thoughtful & Ethical Teacher Gifts for Under $20

The holidays are upon us and you may be starting to realize that there are a few important people you haven’t crossed off your shopping list yet. Me, for instance—I still haven’t done my shopping for the wonderful people who chase my two-year-old son around and clean up after his painting projects: his preschool teachers. 

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to find gifts that show your appreciation and do good for both people and the planet! I’ve scoped out 7 ethical and thoughtful teacher gifts that fit any interests and any budget. Happy shopping!

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The Ultimate Ethical Gift Guide

The holiday season is now firmly upon us, and if you haven’t started your shopping yet, you may be feeling that unique brand of holiday-related stress creeping up on you.

Or perhaps you’ve got most of your gifts picked out already, but there are one or two people on your list that are just impossible to shop for?

Whatever the case may be, you are about to embark on the biggest, baddest, most ultimate ethical holiday gift guide that ever was. If you don’t have an idea for everyone on your list by the time you get to the end of this guide, you have my full permission to just get a gift card and call it a day.

Now then, time’s a-wasting and shipping times are sharply narrowing, so let’s get to the gifts!

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So, You're Shopping for an Adventurer

Adventurers, travelers, explorers- whatever you want to call them, there are probably a few on your Christmas list this year. 

Maybe you even are one yourself, in which case there are probably more than a few on your list!

But if you don’t personally engage in the activities your adventurous loved one likes- whether that’s winter sports, camping, backpacking, or traveling the world, it can be hard to know what sort of gear makes an appropriate gift.

We already have an Explorer’s gift guide for your reference, but if you find yourself still needing a bit more guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

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Ethical Gifts Under $100

As we hurtle toward the holiday season at full speed, you may be growing a little concerned about your holiday shopping budget. It’s a common phenomenon this time of year, but can be even more impactful for those of us who are trying to shop ethically.

It’s not that ethical options are always expensive, but the brands that are running their businesses at a higher standard and the brands that put on larger-than-life Black Friday sales don’t share a ton of overlap.

But don’t throw in the organic cotton towel just yet, because we’ve got something better than Black Friday planned- Shop For Good Sunday! It’s happening on December 1st this year, the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and it’s the ethical alternative to all the Black Friday madness.

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