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7 Thoughtful & Ethical Teacher Gifts for Under $20

The holidays are upon us and you may be starting to realize that there are a few important people you haven’t crossed off your shopping list yet. Me, for instance—I still haven’t done my shopping for the wonderful people who chase my two-year-old son around and clean up after his painting projects: his preschool teachers. 

But don’t worry, there’s still plenty of time to find gifts that show your appreciation and do good for both people and the planet! I’ve scoped out 7 ethical and thoughtful teacher gifts that fit any interests and any budget. Happy shopping!

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So, You're Shopping for a Vegan

If your holiday table will include a few vegans this year, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the food you’ll be serving during your special dinner.

But have you considered the presents you’re planning to give?

If not, I’ve caught you just in time.

If you’re buying gifts for a vegan loved one this year, it makes sense to shop for them according to their values.

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