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So, You're Shopping for an Adventurer

Adventurers, travelers, explorers- whatever you want to call them, there are probably a few on your Christmas list this year. 

Maybe you even are one yourself, in which case there are probably more than a few on your list!

But if you don’t personally engage in the activities your adventurous loved one likes- whether that’s winter sports, camping, backpacking, or traveling the world, it can be hard to know what sort of gear makes an appropriate gift.

We already have an Explorer’s gift guide for your reference, but if you find yourself still needing a bit more guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

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What to Bring to a Picnic (That Won't Harm the Planet)

Since we’re now approaching the final few weeks of summer, a lot of people are wanting to get out and enjoy the outdoors while the weather is still hot and sunny.

There’s really no better way to do that than with a picnic.

A picnic is the perfect complement to any outdoor activity, but it can just as easily be enjoyed on its own, as the main event. All you really need to plan an awesome picnic of your own is a little forethought and preparation.

If you’ve ever wondered what to bring to a picnic, then read on!

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