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5 Ways to Give Truly Meaningful Gifts

Everybody has that one person that’s hard to buy for. You know the one. They’re on your list every year but try as you might you can’t quite put your finger on that perfect gift that really speaks their language. No one would judge you for going the safe route with a gift card, but before you do that – we’ve got some good news for you.

At, we believe that everybody loves a gift with meaning. It’s a belief that drives us to mindfully craft each of our custom frames and prints, and why we’re a proud zero landfill company, giving back to our planet in all we do. So, no matter who you’re giving to, what we all want most is a gift that celebrates the things and people we love.

But what makes a truly meaningful gift? And how do you find one? To help you answer these questions, here are some guiding principles for how we think about our products.

Honor What They Value Most

Now you might be thinking, “how do I know what Mr. and Mrs. Hard To Buy For value most?” Well, we believe that some values are universal. While those on your list with more obvious interests like sports fans, movie lovers, chefs and musicians might seem easier to buy for, what we’re talking about goes deeper than hobbies or interests.

Our company is driven by our C4 values: Community, Creativity, Consciousness and Collaboration. They fuel our fire to make awe-inspiring things while bringing people together to do good for the Earth. And we believe these values are ingrained in all people. So, giving in the spirit of these values will always guide you to gifts that mean the most.

For those on your list, help them celebrate their community with pictures of their loved ones in  tabletop frames. Light their creative fires by giving them tools to create, like paintbrushes and a canvas (and maybe a canvas friendly frame for the finished product). And help us all work towards a thriving planet by gifting products that use upcycled materials like our upcycled wood fiber frames.    


Create Meaningful Space

If home décor had a patron saint, it would probably be Marie Kondo. Her KonMari method is a globally popular strategy for bringing peacefulness to your home, and it’s indicative of a growing trend toward smaller, more intentional spaces. In fact, in 2018 the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) showed that the average home size continues to fall year after year. But you don’t have to call on Saint Marie to help you bring home harmony to those on your gift list.

Wall décor plays an integral part in creating spaces that feel purposeful and holistic. It’s less about chocking the walls full of stuff, and more about filling them with what matters most. Gifting a photo frame is an easy way to help create a warm and welcoming environment. Opting for a single, larger piece on the wall, like a print on canvas, metal, wood or acrylic, makes a bold focal point. And sleek metal frames are a great gift for homes with a minimalist vibe.

Think Handcrafted

You want to see a real Artist at work? Hand my toddler a crayon and a blank piece of paper and you might swear you’re watching Jackson Pollack in his prime. Okay, maybe not. But that’s how I feel as a parent. When kids gift their creativity to us, we hang it on our walls, refrigerators and office cubicles because we all inherently enjoy gifts that are handcrafted with love.

The easiest way to find your way to a memorable gift is by seeking out products made with care by hand. It’s our mission to handcraft frames and prints so our customers can literally feel the love that we put into every order. Everything we make from our bright, beautiful metal frames to our custom prints is made with purpose every step of the way. We even have galleries full of presentations hand curated by our Designers if you’re needing some artistic inspiration for your gifting. 

Know Your Ingredients

Before you snag a tasty new snack off the shelves of the grocery store, you’re probably going to check out the nutrition label to know what you’re about to eat. After all, it’s kind of important to know what’s going in our bodies. Shouldn’t we be just as hungry to find ethically made products to put into our homes (and the homes of those on our gift list?)

We think sustainability equates to thrivability. Just like good food helps our health, consciously created products enrich our everyday lives by filling our homes with quality items we can be proud of. Our barnwood frames are a great example. We source real barnwood reclaimed from old barns across the country to create beautifully rustic picture frames that proudly showcase knots and grooves from their natural age and weathering. What could have been discarded and forgotten, lives on to tell new stories.

As you work your way down your gift list, keep a lookout for what makes up the things you purchase. We’re confident that everyone will be proud to be given something that is consciously made. To help you in your search, check out our Nordic Pines collection featuring picture frames made from finger joined scrap wood, or any of our wood frames sourced from sustainably managed forests. We also have frames made entirely out of Bamboo grass as well as our creatively upcycled Elements of Nature collection with frames wrapped in tobacco leaves, banana bark and cotton husks.

Stay Conscious

It’s always good to keep mama in mind when gifting. Yes, we do mean your own mama, but also Mother Earth. She takes care of us all, and one way you can return the favor to her is by helping champion the cause of conscious business practice. Since you’re following DoneGood, you’ve already “done good” in that regard!

We are a proudly zero-landfill company. And that’s no empty slogan, it’s how we operate every day. From our mindful frame making process to the recycling practices in our offices, we ensure nothing ends up in a landfill. Ever! We believe corporate culture can be an uplifting force on the planet, and that conscious practices make for better, more meaningful products. You can be sure that when you wrap up one of our picture frames or prints, you’re giving a gift that has been made with our planet in mind.  

Visit our website to take a more in-depth look at our sustainable business practices

Bonus – Daniel’s Top Handcrafted Gifts!

Meet Daniel. He’s our resident “toy maker” and master craftsman of barnwood frames. His woodworking legacy dates back over 40 years, and the work of his hands can be found hanging on walls and in galleries all over the world. Here are a few frame gifts he’d love for you to consider when buying for those you love:

  1. Barnwood Frames – Sourced from real barns across the American landscape, these frames are handcrafted by Daniel himself, and have been weathered by good old fashioned sun and time. Frame outdoor photography, landscape paintings or family photos in these rustic beauties.
  2. Canvas Floater Frames – The magic of these modern marvels is something you must see to believe. An Artist favorite, they create the illusion that your canvas art is floating, for a stunning, suspended look. The ideal frame for photos printed on canvas, or any canvas masterpiece.
  3. Black Picture Frames – These frames have an uncanny ability to fit any style and budget. From the most understated presentation to the exquisitely ornate, black frames are perfect for fine art photography, bright art prints, and family portraits.


If you fancy a frame or print for yourself or someone on your list, check out our selection of over 850 mindfully made frames and print options galore at And now through November 15th, 2019 use the code GOODGIFT to save 20% off all orders $99+!

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Mark Wingerter – Writer, Content Guru and Conscious Business Advocate at

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