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6 Ethical Candy Brands That Will Sweeten Your Easter Basket

This Easter holiday, fill your basket with vegan chocolate, organic candy, and other eco-friendly treats.

Want to elevate your Easter basket this year? Skip the drugstore candy aisle and stock up on some of the world’s best ethical treats.  

With offerings that are vegan, organic, and fair trade, these compassionate candy brands are making products that do good and taste great! So, you can indulge your sweet tooth (mostly) guilt-free. 

I know your mouth is watering already, so let’s get to the brands!


Equal Exchange

I’ve personally consumed more Equal Exchange chocolate bars than any one person should. Did you know that they used to only sell them online by the case? Yeah. I’ll say no more about that, I think you can fill in the details.

Equal Exchange offers a huge variety of chocolate bars in tons of different flavors. Each one combines fair trade, organic ingredients sourced from small farmer co-ops with world-famous Swiss chocolate making standards. The result is an amazing bar you can feel good about eating.

GlobeIn sells Equal Exchange bars individually now, so you can sample a bunch of different flavors, from the old standby organic Ecuador Dark Chocolate to their more adventurous Dark Chocolate Lemon Ginger with Black Pepper.

But between us, Caramel Crunch with Sea Salt is the best flavor, hands-down. (Anyone who says differently is trying to hoard them all for their personal stash.)


Theo Chocolate

Theo Chocolate’s founder, Joe Whinney, has been at the forefront of the movement toward fair trade chocolate for over a decade. It’s no wonder, then, that the brand he helped create is focused on offering incredible chocolate made in a way that is fair to everyone involved in the process, from bean to bar.

Theo’s organic, fair trade chocolate bars come in a variety of flavors, including some exciting seasonal varieties like Eggnog or Gingerbread Spice.

The rest of the year, you can choose from fruity flavors, plain chocolate bars, bars with nuts, and even some more exotic vegan flavors like Chili and Salted Black Licorice.

You can find Easter candy for everyone’s basket at Theo, with their range of vegan, non-GMO, organic, fair trade, kosher, soy-free, and gluten-free options!

Beyond the bars, they also make candies, confections, and caramels, so Theo could easily be your one-stop shop this Easter season.



TCHO knows that better beans make better chocolate. That’s why they collaborate with small-time cacao farmers to produce the best beans possible. TCHO provides tools and training that farmers can use to produce a better bean, which in turn produces a better bar.

Because of this commitment to quality, it should come as no surprise that many of TCHO’s products are Fair Trade certified, non-GMO, organic, Earth Kosher, and vegan.

While all of their bars look amazing, the one that caught my eye was the Mint Chip Gelato bar, which contains freeze-dried chunks of mint gelato! How cool is that?


Alter Eco

If you need a good excuse to indulge in some delicious chocolate, here it is: Alter Eco chocolate helps restore the rainforest.


It may sound too good to be true, but it’s real! Because of Alter Eco’s regenerative organic farming program, every bite you take helps to replant and conserve a portion of the Peruvian rainforest.

If you still need convincing, Alter Eco’s products are also organic, fair trade, non-GMO, minimal waste, and to… die… for. The company is carbon negative, and 100% of the packaging is compostable—so no one will ever know how many Sea Salt Truffles you’ve eaten today, unless they want to go digging through the compost heap.



Can’t decide what chocolate to try? Check out GlobeIn’s delicious chocolate sample box, which has favorites from Alter Eco, TCHO, Equal Exchange, and many more!



And if you want to pad out your kid’s Easter basket—or your own, no judgment—with something a bit more nutritious, ReGrained has just what you need.

ReGrained makes eco-friendly, nutrition-packed snack bars that are actually yummy. They’re made from the leftover grain that results from the beer brewing process, which would otherwise go to waste.

This spent grain is devoid of sugar, but still packed full of protein, fiber, and tons of micronutrients. Once it’s processed into a flour, it makes the perfect supplement to all of ReGrained’s bars.

Plus, the packaging is compostable, so if one remains unfound during the Easter egg hunt, no harm done!

The bars come in 3 flavors- Honey Cinnamon IPA, Chocolate Coffee Stout, and Blueberry Sunflower Saison. Try a SuperGrain Bar Sample Pack to find your favorite.



Amborella Organics

Looking for seed-bearing lollipops? (And let’s be honest, who isn’t.) Amborella Organics has created organic lollipops with edible herbs and flowers. Offering unique flavor pairings like Strawberry & Basil, Lavender & Lemongrass, and my favorite, Champagne & Roses, these aren’t just your garden variety suckers.

But speaking of gardens, after you’ve savored your treat, you can actually plant each biodegradable lollipop stick to grow a lovely flowers and delicious herbs! Mind: blown. Freshen up your back yard with Rosemary & Mint or brighten up your flowerbed with Peach & Marigold.

And if you’re looking for a full garden (and tummy), check out their Garden Lover’s Pack, which contains one of each lollipop.


And you’re going to hate me for this one, but if you’re really itching for some sugar, check out UncommonGoods’ endless assortment of sweets and snacks.

I’m sorry. (And you’re welcome.) 


Kayla Robbins
DoneGood Contributor

A freelance writer working with bighearted businesses who want to better our world.



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