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7 Essentials for a Plastic-Free Lifestyle

Everything you need to let go of single-use plastic.

Single-use plastic has become the go-to synthetic material for both manufacturing and everyday use. In fact, if you need any type of container, utensil, bag, bottle, or everyday essentials from toothpaste to soap—chances are that it’s going to be packaged or made with plastic.

While plastic can seem like a convenient material, it’s quite the opposite. When heated, worn, or pressurized plastic leaches toxic chemicals that can affect your health, the environment, and the lives of many animals. Even worse, plastic takes long years to decompose (plastic water bottles can take up to 450 years and other plastics can take up to 1,000 years to decompose).

But how can we change our routines to reduce our plastic use? Even better, how can we start to phase plastic out of our lives forever? Well, today we’ll highlight some great products that can reduce your plastic waste and help you out on your path to become completely plastic-free!



Compostable Straws

Preserve compostables are made from sustainably-harvested trees and plants, like bamboo and cassava. They are manufactured from non-toxic, renewable sources, and are gluten free, too! These straws are also backyard compostable and contain absolutely zero plastic or wax. Bye-bye plastic straws! ;)




ECOlunchbox Stainless 3-in-1 Classic

Bambu’s 3 -in-1 steel lunchbox is not only great as a plastic free alternative, but its 31-ounce total capacity makes it an ideal lunchbox for kids, teens, and adults alike! The 3 different container levels make it easier to pack a variety of foods and keep them neatly organized! And because it does not contain plastic, it is free of all estrogen-mimicking chemicals, such as bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, and bisphenol-s (BPS).


Life Without Plastic
Plastic-Free Dishwashing Brush with Hard Bristles

This extremely popular alternative to plastic sponges and other brushes is made of pale, hard bristles of tampico fibre which are mounted on an untreated sustainably harvested beechwood handle. Never worry about damaging too much the brush head—it is completely replaceable and compostable. This natural brush by Life Without Plastic is also BPA-free, phthalate-free, PVC-free and lead-free!


Stainless Steel Pint Cup

Stop wasting hundreds of plastic cups on outdoor activities with this durable, BPA-free stainless steel cup. Cups are available in two awesome designs—the Llama logo or a simple reminder to Do Good. And like Cotopaxi says: “sure, you could use one of those disposable, plastic cups, but the camper who brings the Pint Cup adds to the scene, not to the trash.”


Zero-Waste Milk Carton Refills and Plastic-Free Paper Mailer Refills

Single use plastic is a thing of the past! Cleancult has built a model around refilling your empty bottles of detergent with fresh, non-toxic, products. Rather than sending more plastic bottles to you when you run out of cleaners or a refill that’s entirely plastic, they send refills in plastic free mailers made entirely of paper and landfill-free milk cartons that use 90% less plastic than current packaging. Clean your home, clean your clothes, clean the world!


Seek Dry Goods
"Alpine Glow" Travel Coffee and Tea Mug

Keep your hot liquids hot and your cold liquids, cold—without using single-use plastic cups. Seek Dry Goods’ nifty, beautiful, and narrow travel mug is doubled walled, vacuum sealed and printed in the USA!


Bamboo Knife, Fork, and Spoon Sets

Finishing off our list is a classic option to single-use, plastic utensils—compostable, bamboo utensils by Bambu. These sets are made from certified organic bamboo and will compost in as little as 4 months. These utensils are sturdy, FDA approved, chemical and pesticide-free and made without any glue or lacquers. They are indeed a great alternative to plastic utensils and an awesome, simple way to kick off a plastic-free lifestyle!



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