Authentic Brands to Show Your Pride

June is Pride month, and these brands are showing up for it


Ok, so. Rainbow capitalism is a harmful trend in the corporate world that commodifies people’s gender identities and sexual orientations, encouraging LGBTQ+ folks to buy products while fusing to acknowledge them as fully human.

Examples of this can be seen practically wherever you look these days, whether you’re just browsing around online or shopping at the mall. For instance, a certain tight-lipped underwear store recently came under fire for posting a saccharine tweet thanking their LGBTQ+ employees and customers for existing, despite refusing the possibility of including trans models in their runway shows just months ago.

Needless to say, that fell a bit flat. But at least we have these fresh memes to point to as something good that’s come out of all these brands falling over themselves to appear inclusive this month.

Lyft has also made headlines recently by adding a poorly thought out feature that would allow users to specify the pronouns they wanted their driver to use to refer to them. As if getting into a car with a stranger wasn’t dicey enough, now you can disclose information to strangers that could put you at even greater risk!

I could go on like this all day, but suffice it to say, rainbow-washing is bad, mmk?

But this post isn’t about that.

This post is about highlighting authentic, ethical brands that support the LGBTQ+ community every month of the year, not just when it’s good for their bottom lines.

These brands show up to support causes that affect the LGBTQ+ community, even when it isn’t easy, cheap, or convenient- oh, and they also offer really cute clothes you can wear to show your pride.

Yup, you can outfit yourself head to toe in rainbows and actually make a difference with the same purchase.

Sound good?

Bring out the brands!


Mini Mioche

Mini Mioche has come out with a Pride collection that is totally cute and understated. But before we get to the clothes, let’s talk about the credentials.

Mini Mioche is donating 10% of sales from the Pride 2019 collection to The Trevor Project and LGBT YouthLine, two respected organizations that do great work supporting LGBTQ+ youth in the United States and Canada.

As for the clothes, they are adorable. Featuring a rainbow flag design in muted colors on a T-shirt and a “Love is Love” slogan on a tank top and tote bag, the collection is sized for babies and kids up to 12 years old. And, like everything else from Mini Mioche, they’re ethically made in Canada from organic fabrics.

I personally love the pastel colors of the T-shirt. It gives it a sort of vintage look while still being unmistakable.


Five North Chocolate

Five North Chocolate may not have any super colorful chocolate bars on the menu this month, but what they do offer is a year-round commitment to LGBTQ+ visibility.

Five North Chocolate is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise, and they were actually the first brand ever to feature the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce seal on a packaged good!

If you’re not sure what that means exactly, let me break it down.

A “certified LGBT Business Enterprise” is a business that is majority-owned and operated by LGBT individuals. You can apply for this designation through the National LGBT Chamber of Commerce (NGLCC for short.) You can read about it in-depth on the NGLCC website.

All of Five North Chocolate’s products are made with Fair Trade Certified chocolate that’s made from cacao beans grown by small farming communities in Côte d’Ivoire. They’ve also adopted a name that focuses on those farms in the West African nation, situated just five degrees north of the equator. Get it?


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