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Does Your Patio Need a Redo?

Get it ready for summer celebrations in a few simple steps

After a snowy winter and a pollen-laden spring, when sunny summer finally rolls around, our patios can be looking a little less than inviting.

If yours is looking a little worse for wear, follow these simple steps to get it back in tip-top shape in time for a backyard barbecue!

Do a Deep Clean

This is the first step for a reason. Once you give everything on your patio a good once-over with soap and water (or a pressure washer) you’ll feel better about working in the space and you’ll be able to see which items have another season in them and which may need to be replaced.

So clean off your surfaces, wipe down your furniture, and clear any cobwebs that may have accumulated during the off season. Once you have this task behind you, the rest of the process will be a piece of cake!


Make Necessary Repairs

If your freshly cleaned patio space doesn’t look as good as you like, it may be time to check some repairs off your to-do list. Maybe the concrete needs to be resealed, the deck needs to be painted, or chipped pavers need to be replaced. Whatever it is, don’t put it off for another season.

The best time to tackle these repair projects is now, while you have the furniture moved out of the way. Going all in with a cosmetic makeover of your outdoor space without fixing any underlying structural issues is like putting lipstick on a pig, and will only set you up for disappointment with the final product. So, take the time to do it right now.

Add Mood Lighting

Keep in mind that you may not be using your patio only in the daylight hours. Get-togethers may stretch into the evening, and for that, you’ll want some cool mood lighting in place to keep the atmosphere cozy.

MPOWERD has some great solar-powered lanterns that would be perfect. They’re low maintenance, give off the perfect amount of light, and some models can even change colors!

If you want ultimate cozy vibes, though, I’d go with the string lights.

Furnish and Accessorize

If you found anything that needed to be replaced while you were cleaning up your patio, now is a good time to order new items. Made Trade stocks some high-quality outdoor furniture and accessories that may be just the thing for your new space!

If you already have furniture and accessories that are in good repair, now’s the time to bring them back into your space. Don’t just plop them back right where they were, though. Play around with different layouts and you may find one you like even better!


Keep Uninvited Guests Away

I’m not talking about putting up a fence to keep out your neighbors, although they may take an interest in your awesome new patio. No, I’m talking about mosquitoes and other pesky insects that can put a damper on your garden party.

Encourage these would-be visitors to pursue other endeavors by planting pest-deterring plants around your patio, like lavender, lemongrass, citronella, mint, basil, and marigolds. It’s a win-win for you, since these plants are lovely to look at and some even provide fresh ingredients for cocktails or appetizers!

Is there anything more luxurious than relaxing on your patio and being able to reach right over and pluck a fresh mint leaf for your mojito?

Try Something New

Your patio space may already be feeling like new, but maybe you want to take things a step further. If you have a little bit left over in your patio revamping budget, this is a great time to try out something new!

Maybe it’s new furniture or accessories, a new outdoor rug, or some outdoor games. Or maybe it’s something to take your backyard cooking game to a whole new level- a new grill, fire pit, or solar oven perhaps?


Enjoy Your Space

You did it! You’ve cleaned a year’s worth of gunk off your patio furniture, finally completed those repairs that needed to be done, planted some multipurpose plants, and maybe added a new addition or two. Now all that’s left is to sit back, relax, and enjoy your new patio space!

Oh, and I guess invite some friends over to enjoy it with you. You know, if you want.


Kayla Robbins
DoneGood Contributor

A freelance writer working with bighearted businesses who want to better our world.



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