DoneGood's Amazon Alternatives for October

October is here, and DoneGood has your Amazon alternatives for this month covered! 

If you’re concerned about the questionable supply chains for millions of Amazon’s products, the poor working conditions and pay for their own employees, and the environmental effects of all this two-day shipping, you’re not alone. 

Many consumers are starting to rethink the ethics of shopping with Amazon. They’re starting to realize that these cheap products often come at a high cost, they just aren’t the ones paying it. 

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to find affordable Amazon alternatives (that’s kind of what we do). So, we looked at Amazon’s best selling products for October and found some DoneGood alternatives that are similar, affordable, and make the world a better place. 

Let’s see what our world-changing partner brands have to offer us this month.


Men’s Accessories | Minimalist RFID blocking wallet 


One of Amazon's bestsellers this month is a minimalist wallet that's sleek, practical, and protects your information through RFID blocking.

This one from Corkor is all of those things too, but you have the added benefit of knowing that it’s also doing good for both people and the planet!

Even cooler, this wallet is made from...cork! Cork? Yes, it’s a thing! And unlike leather, cork is water and scratch resistant, sustainable, and vegan. This good looking wallet from Corkor comes with a two-year warranty and will only set you back $29.50. 

Corkor offers free shipping on orders over $79, and you can save 20% off a $100 purchase with the promo code corkordonegood20.


Women’s Apparel | Women’s Bikini Underwear Set   

No surprise here, we all need comfy underwear. But if you’re a little more conscientious about how you clothe your nether regions, can I recommend the Classic Fit Bikini from Pact Apparel as an alternative to what’s selling best on Amazon?

I know that no one really cares much about my underwear buying habits, but I will personally vouch that these will be the best, most comfortable, most wedgie-proof underwear you will ever wear. 

And Pact Apparel makes sure their 100% organic cotton products are made in Fair Trade Certified factories with the highest standards of eco-friendliness (you can even choose to carbon offset the shipping of your product).

A six-pack of these beauties run $50. Pact offers free shipping on orders over $75. They also offer expedited shipping, but Pact products are always in my mailbox so fast, I have never needed it.

Books | The Water Dancer by Ta-Nehisi Coates  

Coates’ new book—and his first work of fiction—is everywhere right now. It will easily be on all the bestseller lists for weeks and months to come. 

If you prefer your books in audio form these days, check out They have “The Water Dancer,” as well as hundreds of other audiobooks, for the same price as you can get it anywhere else. 

But what makes buying an audiobook from better than buying it anywhere else? gives back to a local bookstore of your choice with every purchase! So, when you enjoy audiobooks from a la carte or with a subscription service, you can also know that you’re supporting your neighborhood bookstore. 

Added bonus: with your first purchase, you can get three audiobooks for the price of one with promo code DONEGOOD! I mean, seriously, what’s stopping you?


Games & Toys | Eco Dough  

Play-doh is always a top-selling toy—on Amazon and elsewhere. Here’s the thing about Play-Doh, though. Your kid is going to eat it. They just are. And with conventional Play-Doh, that’s a little scary because you can’t find anywhere exactly what’s in it. 

Enter Eco Dough—the all-natural, made in the USA, play dough where you can know exactly what’s in it. Eco Dough is made with all-natural ingredients, including fruit and vegetable dyes. So, still don’t serve it as a snack, but you can feel a little safer with your kid playing with this stuff.

Uncommon Goods sells a six-color pack of Eco Dough for $16, and for $14.90, you can get unlimited free shipping for the whole year.




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