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Eco-Friendly Outdoor Gear and Apparel

Escape the city and get outside with these eco-friendly essentials.

With the weather warming up and the days getting longer, more and more people are heading into the great outdoors for hikes, day trips, and longer excursions.

Before you head out, it’s always a good idea to double check your gear in case anything needs replacing. 

If it does, or if you’re just in the market for some new, eco-friendly outdoor gear and apparel, we’ve got some recommendations for you! (Of course we do, that’s kind of our thing.)

Bring out the brands!



MPOWERD is a maker of solar-powered lanterns that provide practically endless light for your campsite. 

There are different products for different uses, including some with Bluetooth connectivity that you can control from your phone, some that change color, some that can charge your other devices, and even string lights you can dangle from tree branches or tent poles.

Many of MPOWERD’s products are inflatable, so they take up almost no space whether they’re shoved in your pack or clipped to the outside to soak up the sun. They’re extremely lightweight but diffuse the light well when inflated.

With the wide variety of lights they offer, you can find an MPOWERD product to suit just about any need. And speaking of needs…

MPOWERD is helping to fill needs around the world through its Give Luci program. Donate a Luci lantern to someone living in an area without electricity each time you buy the "Give Luci" item.

Its solar panels also make it an eco-friendly choice, plus you don’t have to worry about lugging around extra batteries on your trip!




Cotopaxi is a trusted manufacturer of outdoor apparel and gear that doesn’t harm the environment.

You can source a lot of your systems from Cotopaxi, since they sell clothes, packs, sleeping bags, headlamps, and even their own two-person tent.

Not only does Cotopaxi ensure that all of its products are made sustainably by workers who are treated with respect, but they also take things a step further by providing grants to poverty alleviation projects throughout the world. You can see some of their past grantees and their impact here.


Seek Dry Goods


Seek Dry Goods was created when the founders completed a challenging 100-mile hike through the Alps and couldn’t find any t-shirts commemorating their experience at the end of the trail.

Now, they offer high-quality, sustainably made t-shirts and hoodies that feature trails like the Continental Divide Trail and the Ice Age Trail, as well as various other outdoor themes.

Beyond apparel, they also make travel mugs, blankets, stickers, magnets, and patches that you can use to personalize your gear.

Seek Dry Goods is a brand made by outdoor lovers, for outdoor lovers, so it’s only natural that they should do their part in protecting our environment by using eco-friendly fabrics for their products.




This Maine-based business offers outdoor apparel and travel essentials for both humans and their pets. 

Their colorful dog leashes are made from recycled climbing rope, so you know it’s strong and durable enough to last through any adventure you and your four-legged friends take on together.

For people, they have a small selection of hats and t-shirts to keep you warm in the winter and cool in the summer. All items are handmade in the USA.

Flowfold also sells handmade bags and daypacks that are ultralight and ultra durable.

The best part? 30% of all the materials Flowfold uses are recycled.



is primarily known for their sunscreen– which is an absolute must-have for any outdoor adventure, especially at higher altitudes.

What you may not have considered is their line of UV protective clothing. That’s right, not all clothing is created equal when it comes to protecting you from the sun’s harmful rays.

bü’s UV apparel is soft, lightweight, and stylish, allowing you to go about your activities with full protection, and without feeling stifled by your outfit.

Their garments for men, women, and children provide a UPF value of 50+ which, when paired with sunscreen on any exposed skin, gives you a really great level of protection.




No list of eco-friendly outdoor essentials would be complete without mentioning Patagonia

A giant in the outdoor industry, Patagonia has been committed to environmental and social responsibility for years. They are always striving to do less harm and more good and to use their business to protect nature.

To support this mission, shop their extensive line of technical outdoor apparel for the whole family, or buy some of their tried-and-tested packs and gear.


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