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The other day, in an attempt to repair some of my favorite clothes, I headed to the one place I knew would have everything I needed: Hobby Lobby! Where else is going to have the specific burnt orange thread I needed to make a quick mend on my favorite Elegantees dress, or the glycerin soap I needed to get some stains out of my son’s mini+meep shirt? (Yeah, this is really what I was shopping for! I love our DoneGood brands!)  

Hobby Lobby is popular for a reason. They have everything. Home goods, wall art, seasonal decor, and of course, everything you need for all your hobbies and crafting!

But as I’ve sifted through all the “Made in China” tags throughout the years, fearing that the goods I was buying were actually falsely cheap, I began to think there had to be better, more sustainable places to get all this stuff.

And of course, there are! DoneGood has partnered with all kinds of brands to ethically meet your crafting, home decor, and seasonal needs. Let’s check them out!



Looking for some fun craft ideas, or the supplies you need to keep your hobby habit going? We’ve got options for you. 

Uncommon Goods

Uncommon Goods excels in offering hundreds of options for unique gifts and products to fuel whatever it is that makes you unique. If you’re looking for a place to fuel your crafting and hobby addiction, this is definitely the place to hit up! 

For Purpose Kids


Looking for some fun crafts to do with your kids? Check out For Purpose Kids! They have several fun toolkits that include crafts and books that inspire kids to be kind and do good for people, animals, and the planet. 

Use promo code DONEGOOD for 10% off your first order.


Home Decor

Hobby Lobby is a great, rhyming name, but we all know what everybody’s really going in there for. Wall art and picture frames, of course! For some unique wall art and other home goods, check out…


Woodsnap prints all your favorite pictures—on wood! They offer fun and unique collages, photo boxes, and other wall art. All the wood they print on is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), and the company plants a tree for every snap that's sold.

Baladi Home

Baladi Home is here to provide you with home goods with that look you love. Their home goods have a modern look, but are handmade by artisans in Egypt, preserving culture and keeping ancient craftsmanship traditions alive. 

Use promo code DONEGOOD15 for $15 off a $100 purchase. 


For unique, custom picture and art frames to fit your needs, make sure to check out the family-owned They make all their high quality frames right here in the USA and have a zero-waste policy—never sending waste to a landfill.  

Use promo code DONEGOOD for 20% off a $150 purchase.



I’m a little addicted to putting out decorations for every season and holiday, but that’s not the point. The point is that when you need seasonal and holiday decor, you’ve got some great options. And they’re all handmade and providing meaningful work for artisans all over the world.

Ten Thousand Villages

In fairness to this fair trade pioneer, Ten Thousand Villages is a great place to look for all kinds of decor, home goods, and other artisan-made products from all over the world. But Ten Thousand Villages definitely shines by offering decor for every season! Their Cinnamon Bark Nativity is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. 

Use promo code DONEGOODTTV for $20 off a $100 purchase.

Global Gifts

Check out Global Gifts for all your gift and decor needs, but especially for their seasonal decorations. You’ll find everything you need to be festive for every holiday (they even had a Day of the Dead collection this year)!

Use promo code DONEGOOD15 for $15 off a $100 purchase.



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