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Since I’m here on DoneGood, you might not be surprised to find that ethical shopping is important to me. But what you may not know is that another one of my life's missions is helping other women find the right bra and bra size for them—chalk it up to years of me wearing the wrong type and (extremely) wrong size of bra. I’m here today to help you find the perfect bra for you—and I can even make sure that it’s an organic bra that’s ethically-made!

First things first. Getting your bra size wrong can make your life a whole lot more annoying. So how do you find your bra size? Majamas Earth, for the win, is here to help us out with this simple graphic!

So now that we’ve got that figured out, let’s bring out the organic bras that will help keep you comfortable, supported, and confident no matter what life throws at you today!

The perfect exercise bra 

Racerback Sports Bra by Boody

We all know sports bras are where it counts the most. If your sports bra isn’t working for you, then you’re in for a tough workout. That’s why Boody made the perfect sports bra from organic bamboo! 

With moisture wicking, wide straps, and a round neckline that provides extra coverage, Boody has thought of everything to make sure you’re comfortable and covered during your workout. 

Look at the 150+ reviews on Boody’s website that gush about how comfortable and supportive this bra is, and I'll bet you'll be sold. Then, rest assured knowing that Boody’s organic Bamboo products are made with the highest labor and environmental standards.

The perfect supportive bra

The Organic Buxom Bra by Majamas Earth

If you self-describe as a little “buxom” (hey, Majamas’ words, not mine), then you know how difficult it is to find a comfortable, supportive bra. That’s where Majamas Earth comes in with the Organic Buxom Bra—thick straps, stretchy fabric, no hooks, clasps, or underwire, but still plenty of support and coverage. 

As you can tell from the chart above, Majamas is just as committed to helping women find the right bra size as I am. And as always, all of Majamas Earth’s products are organic and proudly made in the USA.

The perfect cute bra

Smooth Cup Bralette by Pact Apparel

Bras don’t always have to be purely functional, right? So check out this uber cute, fun, lacey, organic cotton smooth cup bralette from Pact Apparel

This bralette offers light support, adjustable straps, and lightweight removable pads. For a fashion statement under your tops, or if you just want to feel cute around the house, this bralette may be your new go-to. 

And since it’s from Pact, you know that it’s Fair Trade Factory and GOTS certified and that it’s going to feel like a dream against your skin. 



The perfect everything bra 

Crossover Bra by Groceries Apparel

The Crossover Bra from Groceries Apparel is perfect for just about any occasion. It’s got enough support for light workouts and everyday activity, but it’s cute to wear by itself around the house or under tops. 

Groceries Apparel is all about high standards and radical transparency. They trace their supply chains from raw materials to finished products, promise 100% organic or recycled materials, pay fair wages, and even offer tours of their factory in L.A.

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The perfect strapless bra

The Organic Padded Cabrio Bra by Majamas Earth

Ok, here’s the one you’ve all been waiting for. Is it really possible to find a comfortable, supportive, organic, strapless bra (and one that stays up)? Majamas Earth says yeah, sister!

With a simple bandeau cut, a supportive band, and removable pads, the Padded Cabrio Bra might just be the solution to all of your spring and summer bra troubles. So go ahead and buy that tank top this spring, Majamas (literally) has you covered.

The perfect nursing bra  

Padded Shaper Bra by Boody

One mom who reviewed this Boody bra gave the feedback, “If I could have one bra to wear while pregnant and post-partum, it would be this one.” 

With super soft material, no wires or clasps, extra support, removable inserts, and guaranteed comfort, the Padded Shaper Bra is perfect for easy nursing and support for an ever-changing postpartum body. With over 500+ reviews and an average 4.5 star rating, you can trust all the other women who praise this bra’s support, level or comfort, and silky soft feel.

The perfect functional bra

Shelf Bra Camisole by Pact Apparel

Are you one of those lucky ducks who can be totally comfortable in just a shelf bra? Or do you like the added support of a shelf bra over your regular bra? Either way, the Shelf Bra Camisole from Pact Apparel is right for you!

Serving as an undershirt and bra all in one, this cami provides extra support, while looking cute and feeling super soft against your skin. And it comes in a dozen colors, so you can always find the look you need!


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