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Get Ready for Back to School with The Raw Office

All your school and office supplies in one convenient (low waste) package


Well, back to school time is nearly upon us. 

If you’re a parent to school-aged children, I’m sure that I don’t need to tell you this.

You and your little bundle of joy are probably both counting down the days already, with a somewhat different outlook on the subject, I’d wager.

But before the little cherubs are herded back into the classroom for another year of learning, they’ll be needing some fresh supplies.

Why Shop The Raw Office?

In the coming weeks, there are going to be a lot of flashy back to school sales put on by big box stores trying to win your business. So, you may be wondering why you should shop at The Raw Office when those low, low prices are right around the corner.

Well, if you’ve ever winced at the amount of virgin paper products going into your cart of wondered where you could buy eco-friendly back to school supplies, you’ll love this place.

For the conscious consumer, The Raw Office has just what you need! And as a bonus, everything they feature in their shop has been curated to ensure it’s made in an ethical, environmentally friendly way.

Hey, what a great idea!

Here’s a quick video for you if you want to learn a little more about the business and how they do things:


Now onto the goods! 

These are the top 4 best buys you’ll want to order from The Raw Office before the first day of school rolls around:

Pens and Pencils

Of course you’ll be needing a fresh supply of these babies. Somehow you use them everyday but never seem to use them up- they always get lost or “borrowed” before then!

Stock up on your favorites so you’ll never be without. I’m personally partial to the Pilot B2P BeGreen gel pen pack which comes with 5 different colors of pens, all made from more than 80% recycled plastic water bottles. Plus, if you do manage to keep hold of it long enough to wear it out, these pens are refillable, so you won’t need to throw the whole thing away and replace it. You can just pick up a pack of refills!

If you want something with even less waste, you could opt for a Bio Write pen from SKILCRAFT- they’re compostable!

If you’re more of a pencil person, try out some BIC Ecolutions- they’re mechanical pencils made from 65% recycled plastic.

But for the purist, you can’t go wrong with a 12 pack of Dixon Ticonderogas.



You’re going to need a good number of these bad boys too, preferably in multiple colors. Luckily, The Raw Office has you covered!

You may not have stopped to consider the various different types of folders before, but scrolling through The Raw Office’s catalog will be an education.

They’ve got folders with pockets, folders with fasteners, folders with pockets AND fasteners, paper folders, plastic folders, whatever you need!

They come in all sorts of colors and even in mixed packs, so you can buy an assorted box of 25 or so and call it good until your kid hits high school. 



The beefier, more durable cousin of the folder, the binder is great for older students taking in-depth classes with lots of paperwork to keep track of. Their inches-thick spines and sturdy metal rings are ready to accept semester after semester’s worth of homework and study guides.

Oh, and they can take a beating, too.

All sorts of different colors are available in the “Fashion Binders” section, with capacities ranging from about 225 sheets all the way up to 450 sheets. 

Treated kindly, these eco-friendly back to school binders can last for multiple years. But even if they’re not treated kindly, they should have no problem making it to next summer.


Sticky Notes

For older kids, little sticky note flags are great for marking important parts of notes or text. They also let you scan through your books quickly without marking them up with highlighter and having to pay a fine at the end of the year. Sticky notes are easy to use and easy to remove. Win-win.

The Raw Office stocks a few options, from the classic Post It markers in assorted colors to Redi-Tag arrow flags that come in several neon colors and are shaped like an arrow to draw maximum attention.


Kayla Robbins
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