Helpful DoneGood Info and Supplies During the Pandemic

From where to buy face masks to tips for working from home, we’ve put a lot of COVID-19 related information out the past few weeks. We truly want to help you find all the info and supplies you need to stay safe and healthy these days. 

We also want to help you find all that information easily, so we've compiled it all into one quick, concise post. Need soap? Help sewing a face mask? Help keeping your kids entertained? Read on.

First, let’s talk about you. Since you’re a clean freak now...

The COVID world has made clean freaks of us all. We’ve all heard what we need to do: wash our hands obsessively with soap, avoid touching our faces, and wear a face mask in public. But with every person in America looking for some of these essentials, they can be hard to come by. But DoneGood can help!

If you’re on the hunt for soap, check out some of our amazing DoneGood approved soaps here! In addition to working just as well as big brand soaps to prevent the spread of disease, these soaps avoid some of the more harmful chemicals—they’re ethically-made, non-toxic, natural soaps. And Hand in Hand Soaps has a great deal going on until May 10—a 12-pack of their bar soap for $39! Also check out Plaine Products, Babo Botanicals, The Refill Shoppe, and Meliora.

Face masks are another big one—and even harder to find because practically no one was selling them a few months ago. But several of our DoneGood Approved brands have pivoted to making face masks, and they’re donating face masks with each purchase. Purchasing and donating face masks is essential for a few reasons. Not only is it helpful in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but wearing a cotton face mask also frees up N-95 masks and surgical masks for our frontline medical workers who need them most. Donated face masks go to vulnerable populations who need them or to medical professionals who wear cotton masks over their N-95s due to a supply shortage. If you’re in the market for a face mask, make sure you check out Vi BellaPassion LiliePistol LakeMalia Designs, Groceries Appareltonlé, and Looptworks.

Want to sew your own face mask? All you need is a little spare time and a few extra t-shirts. Our Designer and Advocate for Good, Sam, put together this super easy-to-understand and detailed tutorial (with pictures) on how to sew your own cotton face mask! She even put together a YouTube tutorial if you need a little more help. Thanks, Sam!

And since you’re at home a lot...

Most of us are finding ourselves spending a lot more time at home lately, with many of us even working from home. If that’s new territory for you, have no fear! The DoneGood team has always worked remotely, so we’ve been walking this path for years. We shared a few tips on working from home on the blog. We cover everything from your workspace, communicating with coworkers, snacking tips, and more!

If staying at home has you needing a few more things—loungewear, fun activities for the kids, help making your own perfect cup of coffee—we’ve got you covered there too! Check out our “Stay Home, Stay Safe, Stay Healthy” collection for everything you need to stay clean, entertained, and comfy during the pandemic—all from brands who are doing good for people and the planet.

Now, a little about us. Here’s what COVID-19 means for DoneGood:

COVID-19 and its surrounding issues cut to the heart of the people and issues we at DoneGood are passionate about. We exist because we care about vulnerable populations and worker rights around the world. And as vulnerable populations are more likely than ever to get sick, to lose income because of a lack of paid sick leave, and to be otherwise negatively impacted by a global economic standstill, we’re more passionate than ever that the issues of worker rights, fair labor, and economic justice stay at the forefront of our conversations. If you feel the same way, we encourage you to keep advocating and keep voting with your dollars. Find out more here.

COVID-19 has also affected many of our amazing partner brands as store closures and halts in international trade have become a reality. Our brands exist to make a difference; they are not looking to rake in profits. Right now, they are simply trying to make sure their artisans and workers in developing countries can continue to receive a paycheck. If you’re currently able to support ethical small businesses with a global impact, check out these DoneGood approved brands that are being affected by COVID-19—they sell some amazing products. 

We truly do hope you’re staying home, safe, healthy, and sane right now. We know these days look different for all of us. Whether you’re a frontline healthcare worker keeping us safe, an essential worker keeping our world moving, or someone waiting it out at home and slowing the spread, we’re thankful for all the ways that you are doing good!



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