Outdoor Activities and Gear to Keep you Busy while Social Distancing


The weather is warming up, and as we continue in various stages of quarantine many of us are finding that spending time outside has never been more important! 

As we prepare to take at least some social distancing measures throughout the spring and summer, finding fun outdoor activities during quarantine can serve as a way to help us safely meet up with a friend, let our kids (or pets) run their energy out, keep ourselves healthy and fit, and remind us that there’s a beautiful world outside the four walls of our houses!

So as you get ready to spend more time outdoors, DoneGood has plenty of ideas for fun and safe activities, and the supplies you’ll need to make them happen! All the DoneGood approved gear below is good for people and the planet—made with fair labor and eco-friendly practices!  

Once you’ve made sure you’re staying safe, smart, and following local guidelines, be sure to try out these activities in the warmer months:

Have a picnic

My family has been on exactly one billion picnics since the pandemic started. Something about packing up PB&Js, spreading out a blanket, and eating outside on a nice day does the soul good. Need some supplies to step up your picnic game? Check out this beautiful woven blanket from Mayamam Weavers (which also includes a zippered pouch!) and this tote from Hathorway that’s perfect for all your picnic food! And don’t forget to bring along some reusable containers to pack it all in; Preserve has some great ones!

Go camping

Whether it’s backyard camping or you’re able to find a good camping spot near you, what better way to defeat the stir-craziness than sitting next to a campfire, eating s'mores, and sleeping under the stars? Of course, you’ll need a sleeping bag, and if you’re in the market for a new one, the ones that Cotopaxi offers have 5-star customer reviews! For all your other camping gear needs, Patagonia has you covered (literally) with blankets, towels, dry pouches, and travel tumblers and coffee mugs. Finally, to help light up the campsite, you’ll love these amazing, solar-charged lanterns from MPOWERD

Enjoy outdoor cocktails and games

My backyard and deck have gotten plenty of use over the past few weeks. It’s the perfect time of year to have some cocktails and games in your backyard, on your patio, or balcony. Looking to upgrade your serve wear? Check out some of Newly’s beautiful glasses, trays, and pitchers—they’re made from 100% recycled materials and they're perfect for enjoying a summer cocktail. Want to enjoy your backyard even more? You’ll want to look at Uncommon Goods’ “backyard fun” collection—they have lots of yard games and other unique products to help you enjoy some time outside. 

Take a Hike

I’m fortunate enough to be spending this time in the Natural State (that’s Arkansas!), so hiking trails are easy to come by for me. But no matter where you live, I’m guessing there are hiking trails that are open not far from you. Make sure that you minimize stops on the way to your destination by bringing everything you need (including plenty of snacks and water) along with you. And if you need something to store your gear in along the way, Cotopaxi has some awesome packs! They’re made from recycled parachute material, so no two are exactly the same.

Literally run (or walk) your errands

Ready to get some takeout? Picking up some groceries or essentials? Instead of driving, why not walk to some of your normal spots? If you’ve got a little extra time on your hands, it's a great way to safely get some exercise and see the world while getting your stuff done. If this becomes a habit, you’ll need some sun protection! Sunski offers stylish, durable sunglasses (with a lifetime warranty!) and Babo Botanicals has safe, mineral sunscreen (and all other kinds of sun protection goodies!)

Walk the dog more

Our pets are undoubtedly loving quarantine life. If you’ve got a dog, they’re likely seeing you a whole lot more and maybe getting in a few more walks! If you want to help your furry friend live their best life right now, Flowfold has an entire dog gear section on their website with supplies like leashes and collars, and even collapsible food and water bowls and treat bags—perfect for long walks and hikes.

Go hammocking

Finally, my favorite outdoor activity: hammocking! You’re not gonna put anyone in danger by hammocking (except maybe yourself if you don’t do it right!) If you’re looking to do a little more relaxing outside, check out this beautiful hammock from Trama Textiles—it's handwoven and perfect for indoor or outdoor use!





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