Set an Extra Place at the Table With This/That

Buy this for you / Give that for someone in need.

At first glance, This/That’s line of simple, elegant tableware might not seem like anything mind-blowing.

But it’s what lies beneath the surface of these well-made, everyday home goods that makes this brand really shine.

A portion of every purchase from this husband and wife-founded company is donated to a non-profit organization working to provide food, shelter, and other resources to homeless people in New York City.


How’d this start?

The idea began when the founder, Luke, was living in New York City. He would often pass a homeless man named Tom while out on his lunch break. Over time, the two became friends as they shared meals and conversations together.  

But one day, Tom was gone from his usual spot, and Luke never heard from him again.

This experience solidified Luke’s desire to help ease the pain of homelessness and led to the idea of a business that could provide for the needs of homeless people on a bigger scale.


Why that?

The first collection of products for sale from This/That is a dinnerware set, though more products are planned for the future.

The symbolism of buying place settings for your table that also help to secure someone else’s daily meal is compelling.


But the meaning goes even deeper. Each of the white porcelain pieces is designed with a glossy, finished interior and a rough, unglazed exterior to emphasize the brand’s two missions: “providing home essentials for you, and life essentials for those in need.”

 "The symbolism of buying place settings for your table that also help to secure someone else’s daily meal is compelling." 

This is what you’re buying.

Right now, the available collection includes dinner plates, side plates, salad bowls, rice bowls, and mugs. Or you can pick up the full tableware set. All of the products are dishwasher and microwave safe, and they are generously sized. The mugs alone hold a whopping 14 ounces!

The collection has an undeniable minimalist aesthetic that’s equally appropriate for daily use and special occasions alike.

A full set would make a great housewarming or wedding gift. The recipients could use this tableware for any and every occasion for years to come!


That’s what you’re giving

Ten percent of the sale price from each item in the tableware collection is donated directly to the Coalition for the Homeless. This reputable New York-based non-profit runs many programs that benefit the homeless people living in NYC and beyond.

Specifically, the Grand Central Food Program is a mobile soup kitchen. Rather than forcing people in need to spend valuable time, energy, and bus fare getting to their location, they bring the meals directly to the people in need, wherever they may be.

The Grand Central Food Program operates 3 separate vans that carry a combined total of 1,000 meals to 24 street sites around the city. These vans go out every night delivering fresh, hot, healthy meals to people, as well as warm clothing essentials in the winter months. For many homeless New Yorkers, this is the only meal they get in a day.

The program has delivered more than 7 million meals over the course of its 30-year history, and hasn’t missed a single night! That’s an impressive accomplishment, and a legacy you’ll be helping to support through each this/that purchase you make.

The trust and connections built through the consistency of this service can also help homeless people access other essential services like medical care, psychiatric treatment, job training, substance abuse treatment, and much more.

In short, the Grand Central Food Program is a thoughtful, useful service that is invaluable to those in need. And it’s just one of the many programs that the Coalition for the Homeless operates in New York City. ]


What’s in store for This/That

Fans of the company’s heart will be relieved to know that they won’t need to keep “accidentally” smashing plates to keep supporting their mission. The brand plans to add more products for sale in partnership with different non-profit organizations in the near future.

What those new items and charities may be haven’t yet been announced, but we know the brand is interested in providing for more of people’s basic needs, like clean water, shelter, healthcare, hygiene, education, and employment.

To get the inside scoop and be the first to know about new products and partnerships, you’ll have to subscribe to the This/That newsletter!

Whatever the future holds, we can be sure it will feature another poetic pairing!

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