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Shop These 4 Ethical Brands to Celebrate the 4th of July

Find all of your party essentials—from clothing to lawn games—with these sustainable companies


Fourth of July weekend is coming up...a time for picnics, barbecues, and fun in the sun spent with family and friends. You can now get supplies for the part with summer wear, games, utensils, snacks, and more while knowing you’re also contributing to the freedom of others by supporting fair wages and economic independence...and freedom for all of us from environmental pollution. Check out these four ethical companies as you prepare for the holiday weekend!

1) Symbology

Symbology, a brand which aims to support fair trade and empower artisans, has launched a full line of July 4th looks to make sure that you are equipped with the most festive Independence Day outfit—all while knowing that your clothing stands for an ethical cause.

Show off your patriotism and beat the heat in a wide array of Symbology’s outfits. Some of our favorite looks include the Silky Tie Dye Jumpsuit, the Baby Cacti Denim Strappy Jumpsuit, and the Printed Pineapple Maxi Slip Dress.

2) Life Without Plastic

Celebrate Independence Day by making your grill and food preparation process independent of plastic. The brand Life Without Plastic brings a wide array of—you guessed it—plastic-free items ranging from food-storage boxes to utensils and everything in between. Here are a few of their products sure to make your life easier as you throw a 4th of July party.

Replace the usual plastic party drink cups that end up in the landfill with some festive red PPC Pint Cups in stainless steel. Life Without Plastic notes that their mission behind this product is to replace the typical red plastic cups found at parties with their reusable pint cups. They’re designed to be BPA-free, PVC-free, phthalate-free, and lead-free, and are made out of a fully recyclable material. For added value, you’ll now have your very own red cup to bring with you to your next party!

Another reusable culinary product from Life Without Plastic are their handy PPC Reusable Bamboo Utensils. Set the table with them or use them to serve your grilled masterpieces to your guests at the party. 

Make frozen dessert treats that your family and friends won’t forget using the Freezycup Wooden Ice Pop Mold, and use the sleek, minimalistic wooden holder to store and display your ice pop molds. Bonus points are definitely in store for those who make these ice pops in red, white, and blue! And finally, a way to protect your bowls of carefully-prepared food from the elements (and critters). LWP’s line of Reusable Cotton Bowl Covers combines charming illustrations with sustainable fabric to ensure that your snacks are well taken care of.

3) Uncommon Goods

Now that your party utensil needs are taken care of, you can count on Uncommon Goods to provide you with every essential for your lawn—from decorations to yard games that will captivate guests of all ages.

Decorate your yard by stringing together Solar Tealights that come in festive blue and white shades, and entertain the whole family with a wide array of lawn games—from the Personalized Giant Tumble Tower to Yard Dominoes to Rollors Yard Game to Giant Playing Cards that will upgrade your lawn from a regular backyard to an Alice in Wonderland level landscape in minutes.

4) ReGrained

While pouring out beers for the adults at your party, make sure you have some ReGrained bars available as snacks.

This sustainable brand takes the leftover nutritious grain produced when beer is created and turns it into highly nutritious snack bars. ReGrained offers a wide range of crowd-pleasing flavors, and a few of these options include the Honey Cinnamon IPA Immunity Bar and the Blueberry Sunflower Saison Antioxidant Bar. Buy boxes of these bars (or read more about their mission) on ReGrained’s online shop or in stores!


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