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So, You're Shopping for a Feminist

Well, you’re probably shopping for a lot of feminists, actually!

But this gift guide is specifically designed to treat the ladies on your list to gifts that will both delight them and lift up other women from all walks of life, all around the world.

To be included on this list, any potential gift has to a) be awesome and b) be made by women, for women, or otherwise contribute to the wellbeing of women in our society and beyond.

I can’t wait to see these gifts, so let’s get to the list!


A Badass Cuff Set

Bird + Stone stocks a bunch of badass cuffs in your choice of silver or gold.

You can choose from a variety of different empowering sayings, including The Future is Female, Nevertheless, She Persisted, Who Run the World? and The Future Is Feminist. They even come in 2 packs, 4 packs, and mixed sets so you can share them with all your best friends, or have a new one for every day of the week.

These cuff sets are great for gifting not only because they’re awesome, but also because they each include a little note explaining the impact your purchase makes, which in this case is a 10% donation to Planned Parenthood of NYC.

You can also customize the cuffs with your own message to make the gift extra special!


Earrings That Empower Exploited Women

Starfish Project is an awesome organization that provides shelter, work, and life skills training for survivors of sex trafficking in Asia.


Their holistic care programs provide shelter, healthcare, vocational training, counseling, and education for survivors and their children.

The jewelry business helps to fund all of that. It also provides a productive outlet for women to work with their hands, create something valuable, and learn different work skills in the process.

The jewelry is not only beautiful, but it’s meaningful and it tells the story of those who create it. Anything you gift from Starfish Project will be both a beautiful adornment and a beautiful symbol of the resilience and healing of exploited women and girls.


All-Natural Perfume

If your giftee is into all things all-natural, a bottle of perfume from Pour Le Monde may be just the thing to place in her stocking this year.

Founder Wendi Berger managed to find the secret sauce that made all-natural perfume possible, after much trial and error. Many before her gave up and gave in to the onslaught of synthetic fragrances, but not Wendi.

As it happens for many women, Wendi’s interest in non-toxic and all-natural beauty products began during her pregnancy. It’s really a wake-up call to see all the steps of your usual beauty routine that you can’t complete with a bun in the oven.

Many industry experts told her she couldn’t do what she wanted to do, that it was impossible, and that an all-natural perfume couldn’t exist because it wouldn’t smell good.

Nevertheless, she persisted.

And she did it! Now, she has 3 innovative scents and a booming business of her own to show for it. Buy from her to support her moxie!


A Cozy Pair of Slippers

Kyrgies slippers are made from the finest materials, using the traditional felting techniques of the Kyrgyz people that have been in use for thousands of years, passing down from one generation to the next.

This technique is replicated in a women-run factory, where all workers are paid a fair living wage, treated with respect, and provided with a safe and healthy working environment. 

Oh, and wearing the finished product is like wearing clouds on your feet.

Or at least it would be if clouds were as warm and cushy as they appear and not the cold, wet puffs of condensation that they really are.

Kyrgies slippers come in tons of different colors, so you’re bound to find one or two that your giftee will like. You can also get them with or without a leather sole, depending on how your recipient is likely to use them. If you think they might see duty in a quick trip to the mailbox, go with the leather-soled option. The house shoe version has a soft felt sole with silicone grips that won’t hold up to puddles.

You’ve been warned.


Candles That Inspire

Etched with words and quotes from inspiring women, the She Inspires series from Prosperity Candle is a great gift idea for any woman who inspires you. Choose one or two, or get the full set. Here’s what they each say:

Persist  "Each time a woman stands up for herself, she stands up for all women." Maya Angelou

Fearless  "One isn't born courageous, one becomes it." Marjane Satrapi

Fierce  "She remembered who she was and the game changed." Lalah Delia

Queen  "Think like a queen. A queen is not afraid to fail." Oprah Winfrey


No matter which candle you choose, know that it will be empowering not only the woman you gift it to, but also the women who made it. 

Prosperity Candle provides a good job and path out of poverty for female refugees in the United States. The stability of this work helps them to get on their feet and make good lives for themselves in their new home.

This video gives more information on the whole process:




As you can see, these candles are a force for good in the lives of the women who make them.

They’ll also be a comforting presence in your recipient’s home since they’re made from 100% soy or coconut wax, cotton and wood wicks, and essential oils.


Mugs That Remind You of Your Mantra

These handmade, beautiful, and useful mugs come with one of four mantras imprinted on them: Choose joy, Offer hope, Extend grace, or Be love. None are a bad way to start your morning, but which one you choose depends on your giftee, though you can always play it safe and get all four!

Each of these mugs is made by Brooke Teter and Kirstin Firlek in their Pennsylvania studio. What started as a basement hobby quickly blossomed into a business for the pair, who now sell their hand-thrown pottery creations through UncommonGoods.


A New Wardrobe Staple

Elegantees sells dresses, tees, tops, tunics, skirts, and cardigans that are stylish and comfortable.

They also provide meaningful and stable employment for women who are recovering from sex trafficking in Nepal.

Elegantees aims to stop this form of modern-day slavery by decreasing the vulnerability that can often lead to it. To do this, they provide good work opportunities to women where there would typically be slim to none. 

Reducing poverty through jobs that pay a fair wage for fair work is a highly effective way to reduce the rates of human trafficking in Nepal, which has one of the highest rates in the world.

The Elegantees factory employs about 20 people at a time, providing them with a living wage that is more than double the minimum wage in the area. They also provide stability and support for those recovering from exploitation, to help them transition into independent life.

You can gift with confidence when you buy from Elegantees, since they have a free returns and size swaps policy that works well for gifting. If you’re really cautious, though, you can always give a gift card and let your recipient pick out their own gift!


An All in One Shower Bar

It may sound like a kind of weird gift, but these bars from RedBudSuds make a perfect stocking stuffer. It’s especially effective for the minimalist or someone who’s constantly on the road traveling here and there.

Get their limited edition pine-scented shower bar in the adventure kit, and you’ve got a real winner.

One of these babies replaces shampoo, conditioner, soap or body wash, and shaving cream.

Not only are these 4-in-1 shower bars the perfect solution to the problem of never having enough places to put things in your shower caddy, but they also protect the land and water from the pollution of toxic ingredients.

These bars are natural and low waste, made by a team of amazing women who are working to make our environment a better place.


Not Your Grandma’s Gift Basket

The expertly-curated gift boxes from One for Women make a perfect gift for coworkers, new friends, and people you just don’t know very well.

That’s not to say that they’re not good for your close friends and family too, but they really shine as a fallback option for those people who are really hard to buy for.

They have all sorts of boxes to choose from, each with their own little theme. 

All of the boxes are put together by a dynamic mother-daughter duo who want to make it easier to send small gestures to each other more easily and affordably. 

Kayla Robbins
DoneGood Contributor

Freelance writer working with bighearted businesses who want to better our world.


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