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So, You're Shopping for a Vegan

If your holiday table will include a few vegans this year, you’ve probably given a lot of thought to the food you’ll be serving during your special dinner.

But have you considered the presents you’re planning to give?

If not, I’ve caught you just in time.

If you’re buying gifts for a vegan loved one this year, it makes sense to shop for them according to their values. That pair of Italian leather shoes that you swear are sooooo comfortable are probably not going to see much use, and they might even spark an uncomfortable debate.

So, if you want to get your vegan loved ones a gift they’ll feel good about, check out these gift ideas that are vegan, cruelty-free, and 100% animal-friendly!

Facial Gift Basket

Skincare products can be tricky to find for vegans. Even when you find one you like that doesn’t include ingredients derived from animals, they may or may not test the product or some of its ingredients on animals. 

A lot of brands are getting tricky with their wording around animal testing, for example saying that they don’t test on animals, except where required by law. Which it is in China, so if the same product is being sold in China, you can bet it’s been tested on animals.

Then there’s the issue of third party testing, in which brands get someone else to do the animal testing for them just so they can say that they didn’t test the product on animals.

It’s a mess.

This gift avoids all that.

It’s a totally vegan, totally not tested on animals gift basket that’s basically a spa visit in a bag. Inside, your giftee will find two vials of facial clay, a sachet of eucalyptus bath tea, and a floral facial steam. Use it as a quick weekday pick me up or for hours of pampering on a self-care Sunday.

Each one is handmade in Brooklyn in small batches, so this gift has a very personal quality to it.

Distillery Beard and Hair Oils

If your giftee is more hirsute, they may prefer this beard and hair oil set inspired by classic cocktails and spirits.

You can start the day with an old fashioned without any sidelong glances when that’s just the name of your beard oil.

The scents in this set- Old Fashioned, Gin, and Scotch, are evocative of their namesakes without actually making you smell like you just peeled yourself away from the drink cart.

Gin incorporates the scent of juniper berry, which traditionally lend their flavor to the drinkable variety. It also includes notes of honeysuckle and clary sage.

Scotch smells like fresh pine, peat smoke, and resin. Kind of like a lumberjack who narrowly escaped a forest fire.

Old Fashioned combines sweet and spicy notes with just a hint of fruit. Cedar, frankincense, clove, almond, and sweet orange all combine in this delightful scent.

They are all unique blends of natural and essential oils made by Danielle Martin and her black-owned, woman-owned business based on the Northwest side of Chicago.

And she’s got more where that came from. If you’re looking for a slightly boozy bath set, check out her Gin & Tonic set of bath salts and body wash.

Terrarium Candles

These adorable little candles are hand-poured in Vancouver, Canada by some kind of wizard who is able to make ridiculously cute things out of soy wax.

You can choose either the Pine & Vanilla scented cactus terrarium candle or the White Tea & Jasmine scented poppy one, but I don’t see how you could bear not to get both in the most precious little set ever.

Or maybe two of each- one to burn, and one to just look at forever.

These candles are both totally vegan and totally awesome, and your gift recipient will definitely love them. At least they will if they are me.

Veja Women's Esplar Vegan Sneakers

If you’re still stuck on the Italian leather shoe example, this gift idea might get your mind off of it.

Toad&Co stocks these awesome women’s vegan sneakers from Veja that are stylish, comfortable, and sustainable. These sneakers are made from a combination of 100% organic Brazilian cotton, vegan suede, wild rubber from the Amazon rainforest, and a few less sexy synthetic materials for the insole.

These shoes come in a very Christmassy red and white color scheme that will look good with even the ugliest of Christmas sweaters!

Instructional Cork Yoga Mat

A lot of yoga mats out there are made with a kind of mystery material. Not so with this vegan yoga mat! All you’ll feel against your skin with this baby is natural, hypoallergenic cork. 

The cork surface of the mat is even printed with more than 100 different yoga poses and stretches so you can refresh yourself on the basics or try out a little something new.

One reviewer had an issue with the durability of their mat, but thanks to UncommonGoods’ generous return policy, a replacement was sent and it was true love after all!

Wild Superfood Beauty Butter

This Wild Superfood Beauty Butter is like beauty sleep in a bottle. It’s made from Brazilian botanicals like acai, babassu, brazil nut, and guarana and is designed to tighten and firm skin while protecting your natural moisture barrier.


The vegan beauty butter is formulated for use all over your face or body, and it’s great to use as a moisturizer after showering or shaving. 


It comes in your choice of three scents: Life in the Rainforest, Citrus Rainfall, and unscented.

Five North Chocolate

The sampler pack from Five North Chocolate is great as a gift or a stocking stuffer. It includes all three flavors of their plant-based, 72% dark chocolates: Pistachio and hint of sea salt, Goji Berry, and Almonds and a hint of cinnamon.




All of the flavors are vegan, low in sugar, and made with Fair Trade Certified cacao.

Do Good Cotton Hammock

This hammock for 2 is a great gift for the vegan in your life who likes a good outdoor nap every now and again.


It’s an even better gift if you live somewhere where it’s warm enough to set it up right away!


The spacious hammock is handwoven from over 3 miles of cotton cording by members of the Mlabri, a group of people in northern Thailand who were nearly wiped out due to the demand for teak wood in the mid 20th century. Now, though the forest that was their home has been cut down, they have begun a resurgence by turning to their traditional weaving skills, offered on a global market, as a source of sustainable income for members of their community.

Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Why don’t you give the plant-based person in your life an easy to care for air plant in a decorative terrarium?


This little guy doesn’t need soil to survive, so your giftee can go to town designing a cute little terrarium for their new air plant.


All that’s needed is a bright spot with plenty of light and a good soak every week or so. Even the most forgetful prospective plant owners should be able to manage that!

Inspirational Geode Bath Bombs

These gorgeous bath bombs turn any ol’ soak into a special occasion. 


Guaranteed to fizz for at least three minutes each, these geode bath bombs will turn your bath water all sorts of crazy colors as they scent and soften your skin with their plant-based oils. 


They contain nut ingredients, so they won’t be suitable for the unfortunate vegan with a nut allergy, but for everyone else, these vegan, certified cruelty-free bath bombs are a winner!


They come in two different sets of three- Calming and Focus and Balance. The colors and scents are carefully paired by the makers to create a specific, inspiring mood for each soak.

Sitti Wooden Box Gift Set

This lovely gift set full of soaps is packaged in a reusable pine box by people with disabilities in Toronto. 

It comes fully stocked with a large Sitti natural soap, a large Sitti loofah soap, a 3-soap gift set, an oak soap dish, and a pack of olive oil soap flakes. 


This is the ultimate gift for the vegan soap aficionado. 


Or someone who is just really, really stinky.


Kayla Robbins
DoneGood Contributor

Freelance writer working with bighearted businesses who want to better our world.


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