So, You're Shopping for an Adventurer


Adventurers, travelers, explorers- whatever you want to call them, there are probably a few on your Christmas list this year. 

Maybe you even are one yourself, in which case there are probably more than a few on your list!

But if you don’t personally engage in the activities your adventurous loved one likes- whether that’s winter sports, camping, backpacking, or traveling the world, it can be hard to know what sort of gear makes an appropriate gift.

We already have an Explorer’s gift guide for your reference, but if you find yourself still needing a bit more guidance, you’ve come to the right place.

Cool Sunglasses



You really can’t have too many pairs of sunglasses. They get lost, scratched, or broken all the time, and there’s always a new place where it would be handy to keep a pair on hand.

I recommend a nice pair from Norton Point. They come in all different colors and styles, and they’re all made from recycled ocean plastic!

A Funky Bottle Opener

This bottle opener from Would Works consists of a simple piece of wood, a screw, and a leather strap. It’s a functional item, but it definitely has a rustic feel to it, so it wouldn’t seem out of place around the campfire or at the top of a hard-won summit.

Makes a great stocking stuffer for the car camper or the backpacker, but not the ultralight enthusiast since it probably weighs a few more ounces than strictly necessary.


It may not seem like a very glamorous gift, but if your adventurer is of the practical sort, it could be just the thing. Whether they’re a surfer, hiker, mountaineer, or even a skier or snowboarder, they probably go through the stuff at an alarming pace.

It might be nice to get an unexpected top-up of natural, reef safe, and skin-friendly sunscreen like the ones from Babo Botanicals. They have so many different kinds that you could put together a sunscreen bouquet and let your giftee experiment to find their favorite.

Travel-Friendly Toiletry Bag

Have you ever gone on a trip only to realize that you forgot your toothpaste? Luckily they sell toothpaste just about everywhere in the world, but still- it sucks to leave behind such an integral part of your daily routine, doesn’t it?

You could solve that problem for your giftee by giving them this Dopp Travel Kit from Alchemy Goods. They can keep it stocked with all the essentials and then, whenever the travel bug strikes, all they have to do is grab it and go, knowing that they’ve got everything they need already packed.

If you want to go the extra mile, you could even pre-stock it with some travel0friendly essentials like a 4 in 1 shower bar from RedBudSuds or a recycled plastic toothbrush and razor set from Preserve!

A Spare Phone Charger

What’s another thing that you always forget when you go on a trip? 

Your phone charger!

Take that worry away as well by gifting an extra phone charger that your loved one can always keep in their bag to have ready at a moment’s notice.

SAWA makes gorgeous, hand-beaded charging cords, charging bracelets, and other accessories that would be perfect for the world traveler on your list.

A Get Outside T-Shirt

T-shirts are a staple of the gift-giving season, at least in my family. This t-shirt has an outdoorsy message on it so you can still signal your love for the outdoors, even when you’re not currently outdoors.

It’s made from 100% organic cotton and it’s super soft. Each one is made in Peru and, as with all Krochet Kids products, you can actually trace it back to the specific person who made it for you. 

You can learn more about the brand by watching this video:



A Solar Oven

If your recipient loves car camping, epic picnics, or even the occasional tailgating trip, a solar oven could be just the thing they didn’t know was missing from their gear closet.

It can replace camp stoves and propane cans, needing only the power of the sun to cook you a delicious meal. GoSun has several different models available, each with different features depending on how you plan to use it.

The Go Portable Solar oven is the smallest and lightest, though at 2 pounds it’s still not likely to replace an alcohol stove or similar on a backpacking trip.

The Sport oven is a bit beefier at 7 pounds, but what it lacks in portability it makes up for in speed. The Sport can cook a meal for 2 in 20 minutes under optimal conditions. 

For most applications when size and weight aren’t the topmost priority, like for car camping or tailgating, I recommend the Sport. If you’re going to have to lug your gear around for a while though, the 5-pound difference can make the Go a much better choice.

Some New Luggage

Now, I know that the kind of luggage you choose to lug around with you as you schlep all over the world is a very personal choice. Who am I to tell you whether your recipient prefers a hard or soft sided suitcase, a roller or a backpack? I’m no psychic.

But what I can do is recommend some high-quality luggage that can be useful both at home and abroad, like this duffel bag made from upcycled saris that would be good either for your next trip to India or your next trip to the gym.

Or how about this compact tote that comes with its own storage pocket? It would be great as a day bag, for those times when you buy a few too many souvenirs and need a little extra luggage for the trip home, or for carrying an extra-large load of goodies home from Trader Joe’s.

How it’s used is up to the recipient, but when you opt for a versatile bag, you really can’t go wrong!

The Best Travel Scarf Ever

This thing is amazing and I need to take a break from writing this to add it to my own wishlist.

Ok, done!

Now, where were we?

Oh yeah, the travel scarf. Not only does it keep you warm and cozy through chilly airports and planes, but it also has a comfy secret. Inside this super soft, warm scarf is actually an inflatable neck pillow!

Isn’t that amazing?

It’s well hidden when it’s not inflated, and when you want to use it, it just takes a few puffs of air to transform your stylish infinity scarf into a totally supportive, soft, and warm neck pillow.

If there was ever a chance at getting good sleep while in flight, this thing is it.

Athletic Leggings with Pockets

Built for adventure and designed for a perfect fit, these leggings from Bewildher will quickly earn a permanent place in your suitcase, gym bag, hiking backpack, and closet. They have several unique features that set them apart from other leggings, not the least of which being the huge waistband pocket that can comfortably fit your phone, wallet, keys and more.

There’s also an anti-camel toe gusset that allows for a wider range of motion, a non-slip grip elastic that sits on the hips and prevents things from sliding south, a comfortable compression fabric that’s smoothing but not constricting, and quick-drying, anti-bacterial material that can stand up to just about anything.

They also come in a ton of gorgeous styles, so when you wrap these up you should probably include a note warning your recipient that they may never want to go back to regular pants ever again.

It’s only fair.


The Trip of a Lifetime

The perfect gift for the minimalist adventurer in your life, a trip is something that’s hard to wrap, but always well received anyway. And the options are just about endless.

If your adventurer is an avid hiker who always talks about seeing more parks, the National Park Tour offered by Have Fun, Do Good may be just the thing to make them squeal with delight on Christmas morning. You may squeal with delight yourself when you hear that there’s still a little time left to secure early bird pricing on 2020 National Park Tours!

If they’re more of a globetrotter, help them put another stamp in their passport by gifting a personalized trip through Context Travel. They run tours of over 60 cities across 6 continents, so you’re bound to find somewhere that they haven’t been- yet!

You can get a feel for how Context Travel trips work by watching this video:




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