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Eco-friendly, Sustainable Shoes for Every Occasion

Shoes for work, the gym, and everywhere in between.

I recently got a message from a friend who was looking for an ethically-made pair of shoes for work. Her search, so far, had led her to “about a million pairs of hemp sandals.”

She told me she wasn’t exactly going for the Jesus sandal look, so she asked, “Which companies do you know who make ethical shoes that Kate Middleton would wear?”

For work and for play, for going to the gym and hanging around the house, for ourselves and our kids—we need all kinds of different shoes. Sometimes we’re looking for the Jesus sandals, but sometimes we need the straight-up Kate Middleton heels.

And all these shoes get quite a workout, so we want to make sure we’re getting made-to-last, durable shoes that don’t come at the expense of other people or the planet.

Is that a tall order to fill? Nah, it’s what we’re here for! Let’s take a look at some brands that might have the perfect next pair of shoes for you!


Toad & Co. 

Shop Toad & Co.

You might find the perfect pair of: athletic shoes

You’ve probably heard us talk about Toad & Co. before, and there’s a good reason for that! Toad & Co has so many great options for sustainable, ethically-made, and versatile clothes and outdoor gear. And now, they’re going one step further by offering ethically-made men’s and women’s tennis shoes! Check out their new sneaker collection for your next pair of sharp-looking shoes for the gym. Bonus: they even have a vegan option.




You might find the perfect pair of: heels

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When my friend asked for Kate Middleton-type shoes, my first thought (besides telling her to look at DoneGood) was that she needed to check out ABLE. I’m not sure exactly what Kate Middleton shoes would look like, but ABLE is just the kind of place to find classy, princess-y looking shoes. Beyond heels, ABLE has a great selection of flats, sandals, and boots—all made to last by women in the developing world who are making a great salary. Why not empower women around the world while looking like a princess.


Made Trade 

Shop Made Trade 

You might find the perfect pair of: flats

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Made Trade is a collective of ethical brands from all over the world, which means that you have a variety of options when you’re looking at flats and other ethically-made shoes. It also means that you’re bound to find much more than just shoes. Click around their website and you’ll see all kinds of home goods, furniture, clothing, and accessories too. All their products are ethically and sustainably-made and, just like DoneGood, you can shop based on other values as well, like women/minority-owned businesses, vegan products, or made-in-the-USA goods.



Shop Kyrgies

You might find the perfect pair of: house shoes

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As much as we need our shoes to go out there and do all the things, there’s nothing like coming home and slipping into a cozy pair of house shoes. That’s where Kyrgies comes in! Kyrgies are all-natural wool moccasins and slippers, ethically handmade in Kyrgyzstan. And they have options for the whole family (their toddlers’ and children’s shoes are adorable!) Kyrgies have a leather sole that will wear in instead of wearing out, so you’ll be wearing these cozy bad boys around your house for years to come.


Adelante Shoe Co.


Shop Adelante Shoe Co. 

You might find the perfect pair of: boots

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I promise I’m not a person to drool over shoes. And yet I’ve been drooling over these boots from Adelante Shoe Co. since earlier this spring, because Adelante puts a lot of work into making drool-worthy shoes. They are all about creating the highest quality leather shoes out there, and empowering artisans in Latin America in the process. The result is a killer collection of men’s and women’s boots, dress shoes, and flats.



Shop Nisolo 

You might find the perfect pair of: sandals

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We’re specifically highlighting Nisolo’s sandals here, but the truth is, you can find just about any pair of shoes you need from Nisolo. Heels, flats, loafers, boots, and even (super classy-looking) sneakers. Nisolo offers leather shoes (and other goods) that are made to last and to impress. They pay their workers above fair trade wages and they even have a buy-back program for your worn-out shoes—this keeps them out of landfills and provides work for cobblers in the developing world who repair and sell them.


Handmade Matters 

Shop Handmade Matters 

You might find the perfect pair of: men’s dress shoes

Believe it or not, the Handmade Matters team believes that handmade stuff...matters. They are proud of their premium leather shoes, which are inspired by Spanish styles and ethically handmade by over 120 artisans in developing countries. In addition to the men’s dress shoes pictured here, Handmade Matters also offers men’s and women’s styles of heels, boots, sandals, and sneakers.


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