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The Search for the Perfect Summer Swimsuit

From swimwear to towels, these ethical brands have everything you need for your next trip to the beach.

So, you’ve stocked your closet with eco-friendly, responsibly made staples from tons of great brands. You’ve even switched out your old socks and underwear for their soft, sustainable counterparts.

You’ve made great progress, but as the weather starts to warm up outside you may realize that you’ve forgotten to upgrade one essential wardrobe item—your swimsuit!

Finding a great swimsuit is a hassle in the best of times, especially if you want it to last for more than one season, but finding a sustainably-made swimsuit doesn’t have to be twice as hard.

In fact, I’m going to show you exactly where to look.


Hazel & Rose

Hazel & Rose sells a few different swim styles made by Esby Apparel. They have a two piece style that you can mix and match in grey or yellow as well as a one-piece suit with a flattering cut out.

No matter which style and color you choose, each piece is made from 100% regenerated polyamide yarn which is made from recycled water bottles- which I guess this is the only positive way for plastic water bottles to end up in the ocean.

These suits are also designed and made completely within the USA.  They’re great for someone who likes a simple, minimalist look, but if you favor bold colors and prints in your swimwear, keep reading for more options!



As one of the biggest brands on this list, it’s probably no surprise that Patagonia offers the widest variety of styles and sizes for women, men, and kids. If you’re used to looking through tons of options before settling on the perfect suit, this is the store for you!

Their women’s collection features tons of great products in various styles and colors. Their sizes range from XXS to XL, covering a reasonably wide range. They have bikinis, one-pieces, rash guards, and even reversible styles to make your suit do double duty. Their prints feature palm fronds, colorful birds, flowers, stripes, solids, and much more. You have plenty to choose from!

For men, there are a variety of board shorts available with different properties and patterns. There is even a lot of crossover with the women’s styles, so you can get very matchy-matchy if you want!

While all of the swim trunks follow the same general cut, you can choose the length you prefer, ranging from a practically skimpy 16 inches to the totally modest 21. Patagonia even makes something called “hybrid” shorts which can take you right from the waves to the restaurant, assuming you take some time to dry off first!

But that’s not all.

Patagonia has swimsuit solutions for the whole family, with their extensive collection of utterly adorable baby board shorts. Pair them with this lightweight sun hoody to keep your little one protected as they splash through the tide pools.

You can feel good outfitting the whole family in Patagonia swimwear because all of their products are made according to strict ethical standards designed to minimize negative impacts on the environment.


Don’t forget your towel!

Whether you’re headed to the beach, the pool, or just to the gym, you don’t want to forget your towel! Luckily SLATE + SALT stocks a variety of fair trade beach towels that will make the perfect accompaniment to your new, ethically made swimsuit.

From understated stripes to a giant blue pineapple, these lightweight turkish beach towels could suit anyone’s style. They can also be tied around the neck or hips and used as a swimsuit cover up. So versatile!

The best part, in my opinion, is that these cotton and bamboo blend towels actually get softer each time you wash them. So what are you waiting for?

With your new sustainably-made swimsuit, you’ll be ready to make a splash! And your handmade beach towel will always be there to dry you off, of course.


Gaby Kuroda
Mapper of Good, DoneGood

Brazilian born and Drexel University's first Entrepreneur and Innovator major who excels at crunching info on mission-driven brands.


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