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The Ultimate Guide to Ethical Baby Products

Everything you need to surround your new little world changer with ethically-made, eco-friendly, and organic necessities.

Two years ago, I was pregnant with my son and just beginning my journey into ethical shopping. I knew that I wanted the products I bought for him to be non-toxic, safe, healthy, and ecofriendly, and to be made responsibly by empowered workers receiving a fair wage. But I was overwhelmed and had no idea where to look.

Everywhere I turned, I found an ultimate guide to all the products I needed for my baby, but I wanted an ethical guide on where to find all these things. Now, after a couple years of research and experience, I’ve put together the list I wish I had two years ago. So if you’re getting ready to grow your family, we’ve got you covered with a list of where to find everything you need. All the products below are made with fair labor and environmental practices, and most are organic and non-toxic, so you can feel great about the products that are surrounding your newest little world changer.  


Good news! We already have a great guide to ethical (and adorable! And organic!) baby and kid clothing options. You can check the post out here and learn more about some great children’s clothing brands like Mini Mioche, Mini + Meep, Baby Hero, and Nui Organics.


However you want to handle diapering, we’ve got options for you. If you’re leaning toward disposable (we don’t blame you), Babyganics offers eco-friendly, disposable diapers that are free from chlorine, latex, and petroleum-based lotions and fragrances, so they’re great on your baby’s skin.

If you’re interested in cloth diapering but don’t know if you could handle it, think about going the hybrid diaper route (I honestly just found out this was an option). gDiapers offers cloth diapers with disposable inserts that can be flushed or composted. The eco-friendliness of cloth diapers and the convenience of disposables? Yes, please!


If you’re having a hard time finding ethically-made baby furniture and gear, Natural Baby Co. is going to be a lifesaver for you. Natural Baby Co. sells dozens of natural and ethical baby product brands, so they have a lot to offer, especially when it comes to bigger purchases like high chairs, baby carriers, training toilets, and more.


For all your nursery bedding needs, check out Brentwood Home. They offer organic and non-toxic crib mattresses, changing pads, toddler pillows, and even nursing pillows—all ethically made in the USA. Then, be sure to head over to PACT Apparel and Boll & Branch for some super soft and organic sheets and baby blankets.


If you’re looking for toys for your little one, you’re in luck! I just wrote a post about ethical and educational toys for babies and toddlers. Check it out here to learn about great brands like Uncommon Goods, Bubu & Lulu Toys, For Purpose Kids, To the Market, Global Gifts, and GAIA.

Personal Care

I first learned about Babyganics because of their awesome infant sunscreen and insect repellent, but Babyganics has so much more organic, non-toxic, good-for-people-and-the-planet products. Laundry detergent, wipes, lotions, and more—they’ve got all the skincare and personal care needs for your baby covered.

Another great option for organic skincare products for a baby with sensitive skin is Babo Botanicals. Babo has all the personal care products you need for your baby, including skin and diaper creams, bath products, ezcema cream, and even some stretch mark oil for the pregnant ladies out there.


Natural Baby Co. is a great option for bottles and breastfeeding accessories like pumps and nursing pads.

And when your baby starts getting ready for solid foods, make sure you check out Uncommon Goods! They have cute silicone pocket bibs (a must-have, if you ask me), and some awesome plates and utensils that will make mealtime fun (the “constructive eating” plate and utensil set is going on my list).

Maternity/Nursing Clothes

Finally, Mama’s gotta get some new clothes that will adapt with all these crazy body changes! Check out Majamas Earth for some ethically-made, organic clothes that will keep you comfortable as you grow and potentially feed your tiny human. Majamas Earth has lots of options for maternity clothes, as well as nursing-friendly tops, dresses, and even bras!

I hope this has taken a little bit of the stress out of shopping ethically for your baby. A couple pro tips as you get shopping: If you’ve got friends and family wanting to help you stock the nursery and you want to point them towards these ethical options, make use of online registry tools. It’s easy to add items from your favorite ethical shops to an online registry to share with others! Then make sure you save those friends and family some cash by pointing them to our DoneGood promo codes!


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