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Think 'Ethical Shopping' Is Too Expensive? It Doesn’t Have to Be.

"I can't afford to shop ethically."

We've all felt this way. And let’s face it—shopping with brands that do good for people, animals, and the planet isn’t always cheap.

Is it worth spending a few extra bucks for skincare products that don’t contain toxins, fresh food grown without pesticides, or clothes made with fair wages and eco-friendly materials? We think so. Especially when considering that better made stuff lasts longer—which means actually saving money in the long run. 

Still, it can be difficult when faced with a choice between what we want and what we can actually afford. The good news: buying better isn’t just for those with deep pockets.

To prove it, here are some brands that will help you feel good about your purchase… and your bank account…  at the same time. You can find discounts on these and hundreds of other brands in the DoneGood Shop




Gabe Jacobs
Head of Good Community, DoneGood

Reformed Hollywood agent turned digital strategist who went on to nurse his karma in the world of philanthropy. 

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