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Wedding Gifts That Give Back

No registry? No problem.

When your grandparents got married, they probably relied on gifts from their loved ones to help them outfit their brand new home where they’d be striking out on their own for the very first time.

These days, couples are getting married when they’re older and more established in life, many after already living together for a year or more.

The modern married couple already has a blender and a waffle iron, or if they don’t, they probably don’t want one.

This makes giving wedding gifts more difficult, but it can also give you more freedom in choosing things that are unexpected, from the heart, and things that the couple never knew they wanted.

As we enter the whirlwind wedding season, I’m going to equip you with a bunch of great gift ideas that give back by doing good in the world- oh, and the recipients will love them. Obviously.


Organic Cotton Sheet Set

Sheets are a tried and true wedding gift that you really can’t go wrong with. After all, has anyone ever thought to themselves, “Wow, I have way too many awesome, high-quality sheets” once laundry day rolls around?

This 300 thread count sheet set from Under the Canopy is the perfect no-fail wedding gift if you’re traditional, and an opportunity for lots of jokes about ‘the marital bed’ if you’re not.

Plus, they’re sustainably made with certified organic cotton in fair trade facilities and without animal cruelty. So much to love!


Hammock for Two

This cozy and stylish hammock-for-two can be used indoors or out to while away a peaceful afternoon of marital bliss.

It’s definitely unexpected, but it includes all the instructions you need to hang the hammock. It’s also made by artists in a small village in northern Thailand. Using their traditional weaving skills to make products for a global market helps them generate a sustainable income. This is helping them to adapt after they were nearly wiped out in the mid 20th century due to their home forests being cut down to satisfy the growing demand for teak wood.

Hearing the story of their new handmade hammock may just inspire the newlyweds to do a little DIY.


Personalized Push Pin Map

This beautiful world map from Uncommon Goods can be personalized with the couple’s names and wedding date and used to track their travels through their life together. It’s handmade in the USA by an independent artist named Wendy Gold.

They can use the included push pins to track the places they’ve been, plan the places they‘d like to go, or even just mark out all of their favorite spots around the world.

This is the perfect gift for a couple who loves to travel, and they’ll get to use it right away after the honeymoon! Don’t be surprised if it becomes a cherished possession, proudly on display in every home where they live.


FINEX Cast Iron Skillet

Another modern twist on a traditional gift, the FINEX cast iron skillet is a kitchen upgrade that even the most discerning home chefs will love.

Each skillet is handmade in the USA by a small team based out of Portland. They are made from 100% North American, highest quality cast iron and guaranteed for life. If you want a wedding gift that will last forever, this is it.

You can choose from a variety of sizes, with and without lids, and don’t worry about what kind of stove the newlyweds have because this baby works over any heat source. It comes pre-seasoned and can cook basically everything, from fish fillets to cornbread.

So, yeah. It makes a great gift.


A Little Something for a Four-Legged Friend

You’ve probably heard by now how Millennials are treating their pets more like kids than just pets. If you know that the couple to be wed have a beloved furry friend in their lives, or maybe even in their ceremony, it might be a nice idea to throw in a little gift for Fido, too.

A little something like a pretty new collar or leash can go a long way toward making the couple feel like you’re a totally thoughtful, awesome gift giver. Who knows, they may even start to tear up.

Either way, making a wedding gift well suited for the entire new family is a classy move that just requires a little bit of foresight. Your giftee will definitely thank you for the gesture!

Kayla Robbins
DoneGood Contributor

A freelance writer working with bighearted businesses who want to better our world.


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