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What to Look for When Choosing Natural, Organic Beauty Products


Most of us have been there—searching for the perfect, non-toxic skincare items or looking for a natural makeup product for an upcoming event. However, it can sometimes feel a lot harder than expected to figure out exactly which products are really good for you, others around you, and the planet.

Often times, products have labels like “natural” and “organic” on them with no real certifications—and this leads us to confusion! Of course, you can find a variety of sustainable, non-toxic personal care products on DoneGood (check out some of our favorite brands below)! But when you’re shopping elsewhere in the world, here’s a guide that can help you find responsible beauty products and know what you’re getting.

Look for These Certifications and Labels When Shopping

Leaping Bunny Logo - this certifies that the company does not test its products on animals and is cruelty-free.

USDA Certified Organic - this means that the products contain a 95% certified organic ingredients minimum.

NSF Organic Certification - this means that the products contain at least 70% certified organic ingredients.

Certified B Corporation - businesses that balance purpose and profit and have high standards for social and environmental factors.

Fair Trade Certified - this indicates that the individuals who produced the ingredients were given living wages for their products (and income sustainability regardless of how market prices change). Fair trade also supports the values of empowerment, environmental stewardship, and the well-being of individuals and communities.

Natural Products Association labels, including:

Natural Seal Personal Care and Natural Seal Home Care - guidelines for actually calling products natural. Personal care products have to come from renewable resources that are found within nature and cannot contain any petroleum compounds.

Informed Choice - this label helps supplement manufacturers have a low chance of contaminating their products with substances that the World Anti-Doping Agency bans for sports.

GMP-Certified - this certification denotes quality standards for production.

TruLabel Program - a label for dietary supplements that was created to ensure that products have accurate labeling.

EWG verified - the Environmental Working Group (a nonprofit) provides this label that indicates that a product has no toxic/harmful chemicals.

Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certification - the FSC works towards protecting forests for the future, and FSC certification assures that products are sourced from forests that are responsibly managed.

DoneGood Beauty Brands That are Responsible & Sustainable

Now that we’ve checked out some certifications that you can look for when shopping on your are a few DoneGood partner brands for personal care and beauty products that we love! These brands make responsible and sustainable products that you can feel good about buying and using.


Teadora makes natural, organic skin care products that will take care of you—and the planet. Their products come from sustainable rainforest ingredients, and Teadora has a mission to preserve the Amazon Rainforest. Teadora has skincare products for everyone, from their Tonics, Face and Body Toning Bars, and makeup primer Facial Mist to their Men’s Grooming Set and Beard Oil & Beard Comb combinations.

Hazel & Rose

If you’re searching for sustainable and ethical makeup and body products, look no further than Hazel & Rose! We love this brand’s range of facial mists, body scrubs, body oils, and many more items—as well as their makeup, including the Luxury Lip Tint.

Haven Herbs

Another brand to check out is Haven Herbs. They run an apothecary that brings a wide range of herbal oils and natural remedies that can be used to aid many types of body ailments. They work with local growers to make sure that they use the most natural and potent plants while also supporting the local economy and avoiding usage of fossil fuels! Check out their products, including the Arnica Oil and their Crow’s Feet Fly Away eye cream!


Searching for a natural, worry-free shampoos and conditioners? Take a look at Soapbox, a brand that has a mission to give back! For each purchase you make from this brand, they donate a bar of soap—and these bars of soap are made from recycled and sanitized hotel soaps. Take a look at their line of personal care products, from their Argan Oil Shampoo to their Coconut Oil Conditioner, and many more.

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