Where to Find Natural, Eco-friendly Laundry Detergent and Products

As the saying goes: “If you feel like no one is there for you, just remember: Laundry will always be there for you.”

It’s all too true. In my house right now, we have two loads of laundry folded and sitting in a hamper, and two loads clean and dry and...sitting in a hamper. 

With a tornado of a two-year-old running around and making messes, we do a lot of laundry in my house. Which means that I’m way past the point of putting a lot of thought into my laundry care. 

If it’s going to be good for my clothes, the planet, my little boy’s sensitive skin, and the one million strawberry stains on his clothes, it’s got to be EASY (not DIY-ing laundry detergent, thank you very much). 

Thankfully, DoneGood has partnered with some amazing brands that make finding natural laundry detergent & products easy peasy. One day we’ll find something to help me put my laundry up, but until then, check out...



Dropps is one of our most popular brands, and for good reason! They offer affordable, natural, and eco-friendly cleaning supplies—including plenty of products to meet all your laundry needs.  

Dropps specializes in laundry pods, and they even offer specific formulas for specific needs like sensitive skin and baby laundry. They also have oxi boost pods to help out with those extra tough stains. 

To make it even easier for you, Dropps offers a subscription service, and when you subscribe, you get 20% off and free shipping. 

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cleancult is all about getting you cleaning products that are simply and responsibly made. 

That’s why all their laundry products are derived from coconut oil and other natural ingredients. It’s also why they choose to cut down on plastic waste by sending refills of their cleaning products in paper milk cartons, to cut down on plastic waste. 

cleancult offers laundry tablets, as well as wool dryer balls that keep your clothes soft, fresh, and non-staticky.  

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Meliora Cleaning Products 

Meliora Cleaning Products has 3 rules for all their products: They have to be people-friendly, they have to be planet-friendly, and they actually have to work. You know DoneGood can get behind that~

Meliora offers simple but effective laundry products with a vegetable soap base. They have laundry powder and a stain removing stick that they say has saved tons of toddler clothes and even gotten mildew out of shower curtains!

Use code MELIORA10 and get $10 off your first purchase of $50+



For your liquid detergent needs, check out Mamasuds! When formulating their natural, dye-free laundry detergent, they decided that it had to be powerful enough to clean a cloth diaper, but gentle enough not to irritate baby’s skin—all while using hard water. 

What we have from Mamasuds now is the powerful, but gentle laundry detergent that passed the test. And, as Mamasuds points out, if it’s powerful enough to clean a cloth diaper, think about how well it must work on your regular laundry. 


Global Gifts

If you’re like me and constantly running out of hampers (because they are filled with your clean and not-yet-put-up clothes), you may want to invest in another laundry bag. No, learning to put up your laundry in a timely manner isn’t the answer.  

Anyway, if you’re in the market, check out these colorful, 100% cotton, recycled flour laundry bags from Global Gifts. Each laundry bag is one-of-a-kind and handmade by a woman in Africa earning a fair income for her family.

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The Refill Shoppe  

I just shared in another post how taking care of your clothes is one of the best things you can do for the people who made them and for the planet.  

The Refill Shoppe offers some products to help you treat your clothes well, like wool dryer balls that keep them soft, good-smelling, and non-staticky. 

Also check out their sweater stone that removes pills and loose fibers from sweaters, outerwear, blankets, and upholsteries. 

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