Sustainable Men's Pants & Shorts

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Pants and shorts—not exactly the most exciting purchase, but definitely a necessary one! And maybe a little more exciting when you realize your essential purchase is helping people and the planet! DoneGood’s collection is here to help you step up your style game with ethically-made and sustainable men’s pants and shorts. Shop on!

Eco-friendly: If you’re a conscious consumer, you know how much harm to the environment jeans and other pants can cause with water waste, harmful dyes, and a high-carbon footprint. Our brands do things differently. With low-impact production, eco-friendly dyes, upcycled denim and other materials, and water conservation efforts, our collection has the perfect pair of eco-friendly men’s shorts for you! 

Ethically-Made: Pants & shorts that look great, feel great, and do great for the people who made them! All bottoms from our DoneGood approved brands are produced in safe working environments by farmers and garment workers who are well paid and treated fairly. For men’s sustainable shorts and pants, you’ve come to the right place!

Quality: With organic fabrics, handmade craftsmanship, and other attention to important details, our partner brands product quality clothes that are built to last! Put your new shorts and pants to the test, you’ll find durable pieces that will last for years!

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