Eco-Friendly Men's Shoes

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You don’t want to have to be shopping for shoes all the time! So shop DoneGood for quality, sustainable shoes that you’ll love for years. DoneGood’s collection of eco-friendly men’s shoes features stylish ankle boots, sneakers, boat shoes, sandals, and dress shoes that are great for people and the planet!

Variety: We’ve already said it, but we’ve truly got shoes for everyone, no matter what your budget or what style you need!
Vegan options: We’ve got plenty of vegan shoes for you to choose from! From sneakers made with cork and recycled plastic to flip flops crafted from upcycled tires—along with more traditional options like organic cotton and vegan leather! Get a kickass pair of shoes without compromising your values!
Natural & Safe: Get a great new pair of kicks without having to worry about sustainability. All products on DoneGood are natural and safe, so you’re looking at sustainably-sourced leather that's a byproduct of the meat industry, vegetable tanning, natural rubber soles, organic fabrics, and no harmful toxins or unnecessary dyes!
Great for people: Slave labor, child labor, and poverty wages have no place making your shoes. For fair trade shoes that give back to the people who make them, look no further than DoneGood!
Great for the planet: Walk on, assured that your shoes have been sustainably-made with the highest standards of eco-friendliness. From organic and upcycled materials to zero-waste and low-impact factories—DoneGood approved brands are committed to sustainable fashion!


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