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Time for some shoe shopping—let’s get some that you’ll love and that will last! That’s what DoneGood’s shoe collection is for! We have all the high-quality, sustainable shoes you need—from sneakers and boots to sandals, heels, and flats. And all our women’s footwear is made with ethical and eco-friendly practices. So do good for people and the planet and look good doing it! Here’s why you’ll love our versatile collection of eco-friendly women’s shoes:

Shoes for every occasion: We’ve got shoes for everyone and every occasion. Need a knockout pair of heels for when you’re out on the town? Some comfy-but-classy flats for work? A never-stop pair of sneakers for your workouts? No matter what your budget or what your style, we’ve got you covered, sister.
Great for the planet: Walk on, assured that your shoes have been sustainably made with the highest standards of eco-friendliness. From vegan shoes made from cork and recycled materials to natural fabrics like organic cotton—from zero-waste and low-impact factories to sustainably-sourced leather. Get a kickass pair of shoes without compromising your values!
Great for people: Slave labor, child labor, and poverty wages have no place making your shoes. For fair trade women’s shoes that give back to the people who make them, look no further than DoneGood!