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Looking for those perfect Saturday sweatpants, that cozy top you can wear to run a quick errand, or those ethically-made leggings that can take you from sleep to daytime and then back again? Look no further! DoneGood has you covered with our collection of ethically-made and sustainable women’s loungewear. Your next lazy weekend outfit is just a click away!

Great for the Planet: With eco-friendly pajamas, upcycled loungewear, and zero-waste sweatpants, we’ve run the gambit on sustainable business practices that promote a healthy planet and a healthy you! That means our brands go organic, cut out toxins, conserve water, and keep their environmental impact low!

Great for People: We know you don’t want your rest to come at the expense of someone else being overworked! That’s why we offer a wide variety of fair trade leggings, pajamas and lounge clothes! No sweatshops, slave labor or child labor making your comfy clothes! Many of our partner brands even provide great paying jobs for at-risk women and give back to vulnerable communities! 

Comfy for you: All this intentionality means loungewear that you’ll find oh-so-comfy! With soft organic fabrics and handmade craftsmanship, our partner brands pay attention to the details that make for the best lazy day at home!