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Elephant Necklace

 Empowers Workers
 Gives Back
Brand ABLE
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Brand’s Story

Barret went to Ethiopia, met women coming out of the commercial sex trade and decided to start a business that would create an opportunity for women to be empowered to start a new life. Now providing pathways out of poverty for women across the developing world, and in Nashville, TN.

More Information

The Elephant Necklace, designed by our friend Minka Kelly and handmade by jewelers in Nashville, is a unique and elegant everyday piece.

There is, however, a deeper meaning behind the design.

"My favorite piece is the Elephant Necklace. When a mama elephant gives birth in the wild, the other female elephants huddle around her for protection. It’s women supporting women at its finest, helping the most vulnerable in their time of need. It represents why I work with ABLE, and the attitude I think we should all embrace."

Read more from Minka on the blog.

  • figaro gold-filled chain, elephant pendant gold-filled
  • 13-16"

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